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New Year

Lots of cool party products for celebrating New Year's Eve! Decorate your party with awesome products, such as flag lines, balloons, sparkling serpentines, and start the new year with jolly Party Popper confetti canons. Happy New Year!

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  • Chrome Balloons

    Chrome Balloons

    From 0.80 €
    These impressive chrome balloons are fine decorations for weekday...
  • Glittering Disco Ball Foil balloon in silver color

    Disco Ball Foil balloon

    3.90 €
    Decorate your party with this sparkling, silver-colored disco bal...
  • Holographic paper streamer, metallic colors

    Paper Streamer 2 pcs, Holographic

    From 1.90 €
    With holographic streamers, you create sparkle and glitter to the...
  • Metallic-shining paper streamers for parties

    Paper Streamer 2 pcs, metallic

    From 1.90 €
    With metallic-shining paper streamers, you can create sparkle and...
  • Star Paper Plates in gold or silver color

    Paper Plates, 6 pcs

    From 2.90 €
    Small, cute paper plates are suitable e.g. for New Year's celebra...
  • LED Balloons, 5 pcs

    LED Balloons, 5 pcs

    4.90 €
    The white LED balloons, made of natural rubber, are just the righ...
  • Long Red Carpet for VIP quests and movie stars

    Red carpet

    11.90 €
    VIP guests, welcome! The red carpet of 4.5 meters long and 60 cm ...
  • Three rolls of black paper streamer in a package

    Paper streamer, black

    4.50 €
    Black paper streamer can be used as decoration for all types of p...
  • Three rolls of paper streamer in black and orange

    Paper streamer, black-orange

    4.50 €
    Three rolls of paper streamer in Halloween colors, black and oran...
  • VIP banderole

    VIP banderole

    14.90 €
    The incredibly fine VIP banner fits nicely for parties and celebr...
  • Party Popper 28 cm

    Party Popper 28 cm

    From 3.90 €
    Start the party by popping the Party Popper confetti cannon. Or y...
  • Party Hats, 6 pcs

    Party Hats, 6 pcs

    2.90 €
    Party hats in cheerful colours for birthday parties. Great even i...
  • Party - table setting products

    Party - table setting products

    From 2.90 €
    These sparklingly lovely Party tableware are perfect for all kind...
  • Sparkler


    1.50 €
    With these sparklers, you can celebrate different parties and dec...
  • Star Paper Plates in gold or silver color

    Star Paper Plates, 6 pcs

    From 1.50 €
    Small, cute paper plates in the form of a star are suitable e.g. ...
  • Paper Straws in gold or silver color

    Paper Straws, 10 pcs

    From 1.50 €
    Shiny paper straws are durable and beautiful. The paper straws ca...
  • Striped paper straws in white, gold and silver

    Paper Straws Striped, 10 pcs

    From 1.50 €
    Striped paper straws can be used only with cold drinks. The paper...
  • Pöytäliina muovinen, musta tai valkoinen

    Tablecloth, concolorous

    From 3.90 €
    A plastic disposable tablecloth for any kind of parties. The blac...
  • Glitter flag garland, four color alternatives

    Flag garland, glitter

    From 5.90 €
    Beautiful glitter-covered flag garland with 10 flags. Flag garlan...
  • Party Fountains 6 cm, 5 pcs

    Party Fountains 6 cm, 5 pcs

    From 3.90 €
    Silver or gold colored cake fountains to a birthday cake or ice c...
  • Lamé curtains

    Lamé curtains

    From 7.90 €
    Glittering, disco-styled lamé curtains are 100 cm wide and...

Items 1 to 36 of 63 total

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