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In this category we have collected from other categories outfits and props related to the pirates in order to facilitate their discovery. Lots of cool pirate costumes for kids and adults, all sorts of pirate items, such as weapons, jewellery, skulls and other fabulous stuff. Decoration for pirate parties and ships. More options and ideas you will find by browsing through our website. :)

Arrr! The bad-ass fighters of the sea, who rob from the riches and are, for sure, the kings of the sailing! The mighty pirates!

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  • Roikkuva kauhukallo Halloweeniin!

    Hanging horror skull

    8.50 €
    A really freaky decoration for Halloween and witch parties. Made ...
  • Kauhupää, roikkuva

    Hanging horror head

    8.90 €
    A really terrifying decoration for Halloween and witch parties, a...
  • Pirate John Bowen

    Pirate John Bowen

    29.90 €
    This very elegant black/white costume for a fierce pirate include...
  • Vixen Pirate Wench - sexy pirate dress

    Vixen Pirate Wench dress

    From 59.90 €
    Gorgeous mini dress in red and black for a sexy pirate woman! The...
  • Creepy Pumpkin Balloons, 6 pc.

    Creepy Pumpkin Balloons, 6 pc.

    2.90 €
    Horror-themed, black balloons, decorated with orange pumpkin face...
  • Tricorne hat for adults

    Tricorn hat

    6.90 €
    Well-known from the 18th-century, the three-cornered felt hat fit...
  • Glitter Skull Garland in black

    Glitter Skull Garland

    5.50 €
    In the skull garland, the black skulls are staring dangerously. O...

    Out of stock

  • Ninja-asu aikuisille

    Black Sea Buccaneer

    From 69.90 €
    Graceful pirate dress, which also goes for a musketeer. The gorge...
  • Awesome ring with a pearl and two small skulls

    Ring with pearl and skulls

    5.90 €
    An awesome, a bit gold-shimmering ring with a big, white pearl an...
  • Gold-shining ring with red or green stone

    Gold-colored with stone

    From 5.90 €
    A beautiful gold-shining ring with a big stone, red or green. The...
  • Gold coins, 12 pc.

    Gold coins, 12 pc.

    3.50 €
    12 gold-coloured coins in a pirate style. Made of plastic. Coins ...
  • Pirate Drinking Straws, 6 pc

    Pirate Drinking Straws, 6 pc

    2.50 €
    A cool set of drinking straws. Different models. Great for pirate...
  • Skulls tablecloth

    Skulls tablecloth

    4.90 €
    This stunning tablecloth in plastic has a cool skulls pattern. Gr...
  • Wine glass Spider, red

    Wine glass Spider, red

    3.90 €
    Gorgeous wine glass, the colour of blood red. The silver-grey foo...
  • Skeleton Hand wine glasses for Halloween

    Wine glass Skeleton Hand

    From 3.90 €
    Super gorgeous wine glass is a bit creepy, too. The foot of the g...
  • Anchor


    From 5.50 €
    The anchor wall decoration is made of plastic and is great for al...
  • Pirate Flag Line, stripes and skull

    Pirate Flag Line, stripes and skull

    3.50 €
    The pirate's death skull stares coldly in these pennants. The sku...
  • Happy Birthday Pirate banner

    Happy Birthday Pirate banner

    3.50 €
    This cool Happy Birthday banner with letters and pirate decoratio...
  • Dark Garland

    Dark Garland

    2.50 €
    This black paper garland is naturally great for Halloween celebra...
  • Pirate Lanterns, 2 pc.

    Pirate Lanterns, 2 pc.

    4.60 €
    2 cool pirate lanterns in skull & bones pattern.The one has a...
  • Tribal Skull Bookends

    Tribal Skull Bookends

    39.90 €
    In these magnificent bookends rest viciously grinning skulls agai...
  • Pirate wall flag

    Pirate wall flag

    14.90 €
    This dark wall flag has a cool pattern of bone and skull. The PIR...
  • Pirate flag in plastic

    Pirate flag in plastic

    2.90 €
    A pirate flag in plastic. Great for pirate, horror, witch and Hal...
  • Calico Jack's pirate flag with a stick

    Pirate flag, small

    3.90 €
    A black pirate flag with a stick and a white pattern of skull and...
  • Pirate flag, big

    Pirate flag, big

    8.90 €
    A big pirate flag in fabric with strings for fastening. Great for...
  • Black balloons with skull and crossbones pattern

    Pirate Balloons, 6 pc.

    2.90 €
    Ahoy! 6 black balloons with white pattern of skull and crossbones...
  • Creepy skeleton balloons

    Skeleton balloons, 8 pc.

    2.90 €
    These creepy-scary balloons have a cool pattern of a greenish ske...
  • Pirate decoration

    Pirate decoration

    3.90 €
    A stunning skull & bones decoration which glow in the dark. G...
  • Pirate hook hand

    Pirate hook hand

    3.50 €
    A supercool hook hand for Captain Hook and other dreadful pirates...
  • Pirate's hook hand

    Pirate's hook hand

    5.50 €
    What would a cunning pirate be without a pirate hook! Once you ha...

Items 1 to 36 of 90 total

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