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In this category you find costumes, ponchos, sombreros, pinjatas, masks, Día de los muertos stuff and other props to help you to arrange a great Mexico-themed party! More options and ideas you will find of course by browsing through our website. :)

Mexico is known for its vivid colours, hot climate and very spicy and tasty food.

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  • Mexican set

    Mexican set

    Special Price 24.50 €

    Regular Price: 28.20 €

    With this colorful set you get real Mexico-feeling and get yourse...
    On Sale
  • Palm tree Cooler

    Palm tree Cooler

    18.90 €
    Fantastic inflatable Palm Tree Cooler is a perfect, colorful cent...
  • Piñata, Gold/Silver Star

    Piñata, Gold/Silver Star

    From 21.90 €
    These lovely metallic-colored gold and silver star-piñatas...
  • Mexican Chili Pepper costume

    Mexican Chili Pepper costume

    69.90 €
    ¡Hola amigos! This jolly red inflatable Chili Pepper costume perf...
  • Mariachi costume and hat for adults


    From 49.90 €
    Stylish black Mexican costume with short jacket, trousers, hat an...
  • Piñata, Pumpkin

    Piñata, Pumpkin

    19.90 €
    Pumpkin pinjata is a jolly program number for the birthday partie...
  • Mustache set, 10 pcs, different colors and styles

    Mustache set, 10 pcs.

    9.90 €
    Really good offer set of stylish mustaches in different colors an...
    On Sale
  • Mustache


    From 2.50 €
    These cool mustaches are great for many characters, like Chaplin,...
  • Mustache


    From 1.40 €
    These cool mustaches – with a tape for attaching – ar...
  • Moustache mustache set

    Moustache mustache set

    3.90 €
    This stylish mustache collection includes seven different models....
  • Moustache Tattoos

    Moustache Tattoos

    From 3.90 €
    Wild, colourful, groovy or thrilling? With these insanely fine mu...
  • Hitting Stick for Piñata

    Hitting Stick for Piñata

    3.90 €
    With this hitting stick you can smash to pieces any kind of a pi&...
  • Blindfold for Piñata

    Blindfold for Piñata

    2.90 €
    This colorful blindfold is for jolly Piñata games, that ar...
  • Piñata, Pirate

    Piñata, Pirate

    19.90 €
    Great looking red-black pirate pull string piñata for spec...
  • Piñata, Star

    Piñata, Star

    19.90 €
    This lovely colored star-piñata is suitable for various oc...
  • Piñata, Butterfly

    Piñata, Butterfly

    19.90 €
    This really cute colorful Piñata butterfly is perfect for ...
  • Piñata, Happy Birthday

    Piñata, Happy Birthday

    19.90 €
    This colourful Happy Birthday pull string piñata is perfec...
  • Piñata, Sun

    Piñata, Sun

    19.90 €
    This radiant yellow, cheerful-looking sun piñata gives a s...
  • Piñata, Unicorn

    Piñata, Unicorn

    19.90 €
    Unbelievably cute unicorn piñata in delicious pink is great espec...
  • Piñata, Donkey

    Piñata, Donkey

    19.90 €
    This cute colourful piñata donkey has big and beautiful ey...
  • Inflatable snake, 152 cm

    Inflatable snake, 152 cm

    6.50 €
    An inflatable, green snake with black ornaments. Great for beach ...
  • Sombrero Cooler

    Sombrero Cooler

    11.90 €
    Fresh and summer-like is this inflatable Sombrero cooler. The col...
  • Mariachi Garland

    Mariachi Garland

    5.50 €
    In this colorful Mariachi garland, several guitar players are pla...
  • Sombrero Garland

    Sombrero Garland

    5.50 €
    ¡Ay, caramba! ¡Bailamos samba! In this colorful Mexico garland, r...
  • Paper garlands, 3 pc

    Paper garlands, 3 pc

    3.90 €
    These colorful paper garlands are great for all kinds of parties ...
  • Paper garlands, 2 pc

    Paper garlands, 2 pc

    5.90 €
    These colorful paper garlands are great for all kinds of parties ...
  • Red rose

    Red rose

    2.50 €
    A beautiful red rose with a long stem and green leaves. Great for...
  • Dia De Los Muertos mask

    Dia De Los Muertos mask

    6.90 €
    This very fine and detailed La Calavera Catrina mask covers the f...
  • Lace eyemask Guendalina

    Lace eyemask Guendalina

    6.90 €
    This lovely and mystic black lace eyemask has a red rose and a bl...
  • Mexican mask

    Mexican mask

    From 4.90 €
    Now you can create a real Mexican free wrestling, by hiding behin...
  • Fabric Fan

    Fabric Fan

    From 2.50 €
    Simply beautiful fabric fan is ideal for cooling off on a hot sum...
  • Pedro's Sombrero

    Pedro's Sombrero

    9.90 €
    This big straw sombrero in the Mexican style is great for hot con...
  • Humberto's Sombrero

    Humberto's Sombrero

    6.90 €
    Ay, Caramba! What would Pedro, Miguel and many other Mexicans be ...
  • Fernando's Sombrero

    Fernando's Sombrero

    From 6.90 €
    These cool sombrero hats with funky colours help you to cope with...
  • Sombrero Mariachi

    Sombrero Mariachi

    12.90 €
    Ay, Caramba! What would Pedro, Miguel and many other Mexicans be ...
  • Mexican Poncho for children

    9.90 €
    This colourful little poncho for children is great in Mexico and ...

Items 1 to 36 of 46 total

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