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Other decorations and trimmings

Cool decorative items with the skull and horror theme, with which you can decorate a horror party room, a haunted house, a witch's chamber or Halloween event.

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  • Party Popper, Halloween

    Party Popper, Halloween

    2.00 €
    The popular Party Popper with confetti in Halloween colors! A 15 ...
  • Black artificial roses in a bouquet

    Halloween bouquet

    5.90 €
    Black, artificial roses in a bouquet. This bleakly beautiful bunc...
  • Piñata, Pumpkin

    Piñata, Pumpkin

    19.90 €
    Pumpkin pinjata is a jolly program number for the birthday partie...
  • Inflatable eyeballs, 2 pc

    Inflatable eyeballs, 2 pc

    4.90 €
    Two inflatable eyeballs: one green eye and one purple. Diameter: ...
  • Black snakes, 12 pcs

    Black snakes, 12 pcs

    2.50 €
    12 pieces of black snakes as a decoration for Halloween events. O...
  • Coffin, foldable

    Coffin, foldable

    39.90 €
    Fabric coffin in a convenient carrying bag! After use, the coffin...
  • Death caldron decoration set

    Death caldron decoration set

    29.90 €
    Deathly awesome decoration set for Halloween and horror parties! ...
  • Witch Broom

    Witch Broom

    29.90 €
    A magic witch broom rotates for itself! The amazing magical boom ...
  • Bloody eye

    Bloody eye

    3.90 €
    Yikes, what disgust! What could be more horrible the morning wake...
  • Bloody ear

    Bloody ear

    3.90 €
    Perhaps van Gogh himself has cut this ear from his own head? Or t...
  • Bloody finger

    Bloody finger

    3.90 €
    This loose finger looks really scary and horribly real. The blood...

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  • Pumpkin, 17 cm

    Pumpkin, 17 cm

    9.90 €
    This cunningly smiling pumpkin looks real and it's great on a Hal...
  • Pumpkin paperball

    Pumpkin paperball

    3.50 €
    This jolly orange paper pumpkin is perfect for any Halloween part...
  • Ghost paper ball

    Ghost paper ball

    2.50 €
    This frightening paper ball fits nicely to Halloween celebrations...
  • Paper ghost

    Paper ghost

    3.00 €
    A white paper ghost brings a right atmosphere for any Halloween, ...
  • Giant Black Spider for Halloween

    Giant Spider

    49.90 €
    This black spider is very big and scary. Its total diameter with ...
  • Bendable Silver snake, 80 cm

    Bendable Silver snake, 80 cm

    9.90 €
    80 cm long snake in grey-silver-black. The snake is great as a de...
  • Paper bat

    Paper bat

    3.00 €
    This creepy looking bat with a horrible grin is perfect for any H...
  • Midnight bat

    Midnight bat

    16.90 €
    This super cool bloodsucker can be placed hanging from the ceilin...
  • The Witching Hour case

    The Witching Hour case

    19.90 €
    Really wonderful storage box, illustrated by Lisa Parker. This fi...
  • Toxic cosmetics jar

    Toxic cosmetics jar

    19.90 €
    With this face cream, the last impurities will leave from your fa...
  • Chain with skeleton hands 1,6 meters

    Chain with skeleton hands 1,6 meters

    19.50 €
    This creepy chain has a skeleton hand in its both ends.Great for ...
  • Chain


    9.90 €
    Creepy chain, great for horror or prison parties and Halloween ev...
  • Body Bag

    Body Bag

    19.90 €
    Create your own crime scene with this eye-catching black-colored ...

Items 1 to 36 of 38 total

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