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Garlands, flaglines and balloons

Cool horrifying garlands and flaglines, cobweb and skeleton balloons and all sorts of wonderfully creepy horror decorations for Halloween and horror parties!:-)

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  • Black balloons with golden text for Halloween decoration

    Trick or Treat Balloons, 6 pcs

    3.50 €
    Black balloons with two golden texts "Trick or Treat". The balloo...
  • Bats balloons in black and gold for Halloween celebration

    Bats Balloons, 6 pcs

    3.50 €
    The bat balloons are perfect for decorating Halloween parties. On...
  • Witch garland

    Witch garland

    2.50 €
    In this orange and black witch garland, witches are flying around...
  • Garland Grinning pumpkins

    Garland Grinning pumpkins

    4.50 €
    In this orange pumpkin garland, the pumpkins are smiling slyly an...
  • Halloween Garland

    Halloween Garland

    4.50 €
    This orange and black paper garland is suitable for Halloween par...
  • Dark Garland

    Dark Garland

    2.50 €
    This black paper garland is naturally great for Halloween celebra...
  • Black balloons with skull and crossbones pattern

    Pirate Balloons, 6 pc.

    2.90 €
    Ahoy! 6 black balloons with white pattern of skull and crossbones...
  • Creepy skeleton balloons

    Skeleton balloons, 8 pc.

    2.90 €
    These creepy-scary balloons have a cool pattern of a greenish ske...
  •  Pumpkin balloons: 4 black and 4 orange

    Pumpkin balloons, 8 pc.

    3.50 €
    These creepy balloons have a cool pattern of a pumpkin face, whic...

31 Item(s)

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