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Skulls, bones and horror creatures

Lots of really terrifying skulls, skeletons, bones, ghosts, bloody body parts, hanging witches and other horror creatures... All sorts of horror items to decorate Halloween and horror parties, a witch's chamber or zombie's get-together!

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  • Killer Clown

    Killer Clown

    34.90 €
    This chillingly ugly clown is a must in every horror house! With ...
  • Bloody Leg

    Bloody Leg

    36.90 €
    A fierce-looking cropped leg, which is great as a decoration for ...
  • Chopped heart

    Chopped heart

    12.90 €
    Real-looking human's heart that fits extremely well for a Hallowe...
  • Bloody hand

    Bloody hand

    11.90 €
    This chopped bloody hand looks so real. Poor someone has lost it,...
  • Bloody brain

    Bloody brain

    12.90 €
    This bloody brain of rubber is a perfect table decoration on Hall...
  • Smashed head

    Smashed head

    36.90 €
    This horrible loose head is equal size to the real human head. Th...
  • Smashed torso

    Smashed torso

    36.90 €
    Really, really creepy woman’s torso, which looks incredibly real!...
  • Bloody arm

    Bloody arm

    18.90 €
    This chopped bloody arm looks so real. Poor someone has lost it, ...
  • Bloody foot

    Bloody foot

    18.90 €
    This awful bloody foot looks so real. Poor someone has lost it in...
  • Chopped leg

    Chopped leg

    29.90 €
    This chopped bloody leg looks so real. Perfect for horror parties...

10 Item(s)

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