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Horror decoration

Decoration products for horror and witch parties, Halloween events and Gothic-themed happenings. These scary ornaments and decorative items make it easy to create a creepy atmosphere at home, at school, work place, restaurants, and party places. Decorate your party place to be a horror castle, a haunted house, a witch's house or some other horrifying place.

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  1. Sticky Tack

    Sticky Tack

    Sticky Tack is a reusable adhesive used for sticking decorations, banderolls, horror pictures, banners, garlands etc. to walls. Sticky Tack replaces tape and it is removable.
    Each package contains 150 grams of Sticky Tack.

    How to use Sticky Tack:
    Pull off a piece, soften it between your fingers and press firmly to the surface. When Sticky Tack is warmer it's more flexible and sticks better.

    We do not recommend that you use Sticky Tack on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, painted walls. In the worst case it could take off a piece of the surface. It may also leave a faint mark. That's why you need to use common sense and think first where you can put Sticky Tack and where not.

    Sticky Tack is easy to apply and easy to remove, but it's meant for temporary use. Leave no longer than 48 hours on the walls. When it dries properly, it's no longer easy to remove.

    When you are removing Sticky Tack from the wall or furniture, be sure to act calmly and carefully. Avoid sudden movements and tearings. Maybe the easiest way to remove Sticky Tack is to take a lump of Sticky Tack and pat with it on that piece on the wall.

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