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Horror practical jokes and pranks

Funny and creepy practical jokes and Halloween pranks. Different kinds of horror products to spook other people. Horror diadems with an axe, nail or knife are great even on zombie walks (yeah, have been seen there =:-O).

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  • Wrench through head is great for Halloween and zombie walk.

    Wrench through head

    4.90 €
    A wrench on a diadem looks like the wrench has gone partially thr...
  • Eyeball superball

    Eyeball superball

    1.90 €
    This supeball looks like a real eyeball. And it glows in the dark...
  • Nail through finger

    Nail through finger

    1.20 €
    A bloody bandage with nail parts. You put the finger through the ...
  • Jumping Bandaged Finger

    Jumping Bandaged Finger

    1.90 €
    A bloody finger bandage, which has a spring inside. You put the f...
  • Magic nail

    Magic nail

    1.70 €
    The nail is in two parts, both has a sticker. The length of one p...
  • Theater Knife

    Theater Knife

    2.50 €
    Theatre knife is suitable for theatrical presentations, for examp...
  • Syringe through head

    Syringe through head

    2.90 €
    Now the crazy professor has sprayed himself in the head! Maybe he...
  • Axe through head

    Axe through head

    4.50 €
    This "axe through head" diadem in plastic, is light to wear. The ...
  • Bloody Knife through head

    Bloody Knife through head

    9.90 €
    This "bloody knife through head" diadem in plastic has fakeblod i...
  • Knife through head

    Knife through head

    2.90 €
    This "knife through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The...
  • Nail through head

    Nail through head

    2.90 €
    This "nail through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The ...
  • Voodoo-doll Mother In Law

    Voodoo-doll Mother In Law

    6.90 €
    Do you have another bone to pick with your mother in law? Or have...
  • Voodoo-doll, Ex-wife

    Voodoo-doll, Ex-wife

    6.90 €
    Is your ex-wife a really terrible person? And you want that somet...
  • Voodoo doll Girlfriend

    Voodoo doll Girlfriend

    6.90 €
    Even if you girlfriend is almost perfect, surely she can make som...

14 Item(s)

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