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Horror animals and bugs

All sorts of horror animals, bugs and insects, like snakes, rats, spiders, cobwebs, mice, bats, cockroaches, owl, raven. With these little and bigger frightening animals, you can nicely decorate your horror party and Halloween event, as well as take with you when going to the wizard school or keep as a pet. ;-D

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  • Black widow spider with long legs

    Black widow spider

    16.90 €
    Very big and black spider with long legs! With this creepy black ...
  • White big cobweb and 20 black spiders for horror decoration

    Movie cobweb 500 g + 20 spiders

    15.90 €
    White cool "spider web" (500 gram) that is elastic and can be str...
  • Giant tarantula spider in brown

    Giant Tarantula

    12.90 €
    A really big, brown spider with bendable legs. Very fluffy and su...
  • Midnight bat

    Midnight bat

    16.90 €
    This super cool bloodsucker can be placed hanging from the ceilin...

4 Item(s)

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