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Stockings, hands, gloves

Horror gloves, stockings, garters, tights, panty hose and hands for Halloween and horror events. Super-cool gloves and stockings with different patterns, like skeleton, bone, skull, bat, cobweb and spider. Scary horror skeleton hands and tights also for gothic people.

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  • Devil Gloves

    Devil Gloves

    6.90 €
    Red colored horror gloves for adults, made of flexible fabric. Gl...
  • Leg Avenue® Black Fishnet Lace tights, plus-size

    Leg Avenue® Fishnet Lace tights

    9.90 €
    Leg Avenue's soft plus-size pantyhose is wonderfully comfortable,...
  • Net gloves, long

    Net gloves, long

    From 3.90 €
    Cool fingerless net gloves in red or black, made of net fabric. N...
  • Zombie/dracula Gloves

    Zombie/dracula Gloves

    6.90 €
    Grey horror gloves / hands for adults, made of flexible fabric. T...
  • Witch Gloves

    Witch Gloves

    6.90 €
    Green horror gloves for adults, made of flexible fabric. The horr...
  • Dia De Los Muertos stockings

    Dia De Los Muertos stockings

    8.90 €
    Black pantyhose with a cool pattern of Dia De Los Muertos styled...
  • Skeleton tights

    Skeleton tights

    From 7.90 €
    Black tights with white print in the front (f...
  • Pirate tights

    Pirate tights

    7.90 €
    These cool black tights have a white pattern of skull & bones...
  • Glitter spider tights

    Glitter spider tights

    7.90 €
    These cool black tights have a pattern of silver-coloured spiders...
  • Stockings over the knee

    Stockings over the knee

    From 5.90 €
    Sexy stockings over the knee. One size. Available in three colour...
  • Bat stockings

    Bat stockings

    7.90 €
    Cool purple/black-striped stockings with a cute black bat. Length...

    Out of stock

  • Spider stockings

    Spider stockings

    7.90 €
    Cool red/black-striped stockings with a cute black spider. Length...

    Out of stock

  • Garter with a skull

    Garter with a skull

    4.90 €
    A cool pink garter with black lace trims and bow. In the bow, the...
  • Short gloves in four colors

    Gloves, short

    From 3.50 €
    Short gloves in tricot are very versatile and suitable for many s...
  • Skeleton gloves

    Skeleton gloves

    7.90 €
    Long skeleton gloves to complement your Halloween costume! Black ...
  • Pirate gloves, long

    Pirate gloves, long

    7.90 €
    Cool, fingerless pirate gloves in skull pattern. Great for pirate...
  • Pirate glove, short

    Pirate glove, short

    3.90 €
    A cool fingerless glove with a skull & bones strass trim. Gre...

    Out of stock

  • Cobweb gloves

    Cobweb gloves

    6.90 €
    Charming black elbow lenght cobweb gloves. Perfect for spider lad...
  • Freddy glove

    Freddy glove

    9.90 €
    The horrifying glove of the murderer on Elm Street. And the horri...

28 Item(s)

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