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Horror hats, headgear, diadems

Horror hats and cool pointy hats for bigger and smaller witches, vampires and other horror people. Also Gothic black top hats and headwear for pirates. Horn diadems for devil and she-devil as well as horror practical joke diadems.

Hat size: Measure with a tape measure the circumference of your head, it is the same as the announced hat size.

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  • Marabou Halo Headband, white

    Marabou Halo Headband, white

    3.90 €
    An awesome white headband with marabou halo. The halo is attached...
  • Witch hat with tulle decorations

    Witch Hat

    9.90 €
    This wonderful witch's pointy hat does not suffer from lack of im...
  • White Top Hat Grand Gala

    Grand Gala Top Hat

    8.90 €
    This beautiful white top hat fits all stylish ladies and gentleme...
  • Ringmaster's Top Hat in red with black decorative band

    Ringmaster Top Hat

    8.90 €
    Chic red top hat is great for both ladies and gents. This stylish...
  • Deluxe Horn Maleficent

    Deluxe Horn Maleficent

    6.50 €
    Black horn diadem for Maleficent, Minotaur or any other fictional...
  • Royal Crown

    Royal Crown

    From 9.90 €
    Gorgeous, really beautiful royal crown is available in shimmering...
  • Rabbit Mask

    Rabbit Mask

    8.90 €
    This black bunny half mask with matte finish covers the front of ...
  • Glitter Bunny mask with long ears

    Rabbit Mask, glitter

    9.90 €
    This black, seductive glitter bunny half mask covers the front of...
  • Beautiful crown for princess, queen or bride

    Filigree Crown

    From 9.90 €
    This delicate metal crown is perfect for princess, queen, fairy a...
  • High black top hat in satin

    High Top Hat, deluxe

    19.90 €
    A stylish, extra high, black "topper" hat in satin. The impressiv...
  • Suede-look wizard hat in three colors

    Wizard Hat

    From 19.90 €
    These super cool magician hats look really personal! Perfect poin...
  • Furry spider with diadem and long bendable legs

    Giant spider diadem

    7.90 €
    Furry and cute spider hat. ;) The best friend of all witches and ...
  • Scissors through head

    Scissors through head

    7.50 €
    What a terrible accident! Scissors with bloodstains go through yo...

    Out of stock

  • Deluxe Horn Headband

    Deluxe Horn Headband

    24.90 €
    Gorgeous black horns with a transparent headband are perfect for ...
  • Fine crown for princesses and queens

    Metallic Lace Crown

    9.90 €
    Leg Avenue's metallic lace crown goes perfectly to Alice in Wonde...
  • Wrench through head is great for Halloween and zombie walk.

    Wrench through head

    4.90 €
    A wrench on a diadem looks like the wrench has gone partially thr...
  • Black or red horn with diadem

    Devil horns

    From 3.50 €
    Devil horns in black or red with a black diadem. Made of plastic....
  • Witch's black pointy hat with a spider for adults

    Bendable witch hat with a spider

    7.90 €
    The witch's black, slightly glossy pointy hat with a wide brim an...
  • Bendable black witch hat, really high

    Deluxe Witch Hat, bendable

    9.90 €
    This a bit glossy, black witch's pointy hat with a wide brim is p...
  • Steampunk Top Hat

    Steampunk Top Hat

    7.90 €
    Elegant black mini top hat with Steampunk-styled decorations (met...
  • Deluxe Top Hat

    Deluxe Top Hat

    19.90 €
    A stylish black "topper" hat in satin. Great for an old-school En...
  • Top Hat for children

    Top Hat for children

    5.90 €
    Black top hat made of molded felt. This stylish topper suits a ge...
  • Slash Top Hat

    Slash Top Hat

    11.90 €
    This gorgeous black top hat with cool trim is ideal for genuine r...
  • Satin Top hat, black

    Satin Top hat, black

    8.90 €
    This super stylish black top hat in satin is great for all gentle...
  • Top hat, plastic

    Top hat, plastic

    4.50 €
    A classic black "topper" hat in plastic with a napped surface. Th...

    Out of stock

  • Skull Top Hat

    Skull Top Hat

    7.90 €
    A black  topper with a skull pattern on the front. The fabric is ...

    Out of stock

  • High Top Hat in felt

    High Top Hat in felt

    9.90 €
    A stylish black a bit higher "topper" hat in felt. Great for an o...
  • Gentleman Top Hat, black satin

    Gentleman Top Hat, black satin

    10.90 €
    A fine black "topper" hat in satin. Great for an old-school Engli...
  • Dracula Top Hat

    Dracula Top Hat

    6.60 €
    A black topper with long black hair. This top hat with hair is su...

    Out of stock

  • Devilhorns with sequins

    Devilhorns with sequins

    From 2.90 €
    Luxurious, red or black horn with glittering sequins for a devil,...
  • Devil horns, pink

    Devil horns, pink

    2.90 €
    Cute pink devil horns with black marabou trim. The headband is al...

    Out of stock

  • Pink Devil horns for bachelorettes and she-devils

    Pink Devil horns

    2.90 €
    Neat sparkling pink devil horns on a black plastic diadem. Pink, ...
  • Bendable, black witch hat for children

    Bendable witch hat for children

    8.90 €
    A black, bendable witch hat for children and perhaps also for adu...
  • Lucinda Witch hat with gauze and jewel

    Lucinda Witch hat

    From 6.90 €
    A chic witch hat with the decoration of gauze and silver-coloured...
  • Black witch hat with grey hair

    Witch Hat with hair

    From 4.90 €
    A black pointy hat with grey hair. This cool witch hat with hair ...
  • Mini witch hat with clips

    Mini Witch hat

    3.50 €
    This really cute little witch hat fits nicely on the heads of all...

Items 1 to 36 of 53 total

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