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Horror props

Lots of horror and Halloween props, like stockings, gloves, horror hands, devil horns, tails, horror jewellery, broom, cauldrons, handbags, diadems, eyeglasses och many others. Cauldrons and handbags can be used for candies when one goes from door to door asking "Trick or treat?" ;)

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  • Devil Gloves

    Devil Gloves

    6.90 €
    Red colored horror gloves for adults, made of flexible fabric. Gl...
  • Glitter spider tights

    Glitter spider tights

    7.90 €
    These cool black tights have a pattern of silver-coloured spiders...
  • Pirate tights

    Pirate tights

    7.90 €
    These cool black tights have a white pattern of skull & bones...
  • Skeleton tights

    Skeleton tights

    From 7.90 €
    Black tights with white print in the front (f...
  • Dia De Los Muertos stockings

    Dia De Los Muertos stockings

    8.90 €
    Black pantyhose with a cool pattern of Dia De Los Muertos styled...
  • Witch Gloves

    Witch Gloves

    6.90 €
    Green horror gloves for adults, made of flexible fabric. The horr...
  • Zombie/dracula Gloves

    Zombie/dracula Gloves

    6.90 €
    Grey horror gloves / hands for adults, made of flexible fabric. T...
  • Lace Jabot collar & two lace cuffs

    Lace Jabot & Cuffs

    16.90 €
    A white lace jabot with velcro fastening and white lace sleeve cu...
  • Black, one-size tights with white backbone pattern

    Leg Avenue® Spine Tights

    13.90 €
    Black Leg Avenue® Spine tights with a white backbone pattern. Rea...
  • Spider stockings

    Spider stockings

    7.90 €
    Cool red/black-striped stockings with a cute black spider. Length...
  • Bat stockings

    Bat stockings

    7.90 €
    Cool purple/black-striped stockings with a cute black bat. Length...

    Out of stock

  • Stockings over the knee

    Stockings over the knee

    From 5.90 €
    Sexy stockings over the knee. One size. Available in three colour...
  • Garter with a skull

    Garter with a skull

    4.90 €
    A cool pink garter with black lace trims and bow. In the bow, the...
  • Cobweb gloves

    Cobweb gloves

    6.90 €
    Charming black elbow lenght cobweb gloves. Perfect for spider lad...
  • Pirate glove, short

    Pirate glove, short

    3.90 €
    A cool fingerless glove with a skull & bones strass trim. Gre...
  • Bones skeleton gloves

    Bones skeleton gloves

    6.90 €
    Black skeleton gloves with white embroidery.  Suitable of co...
  • Skeleton gloves

    Skeleton gloves

    7.90 €
    Long skeleton gloves to complement your Halloween costume! Black ...
  • Short gloves in four colors

    Gloves, short

    From 3.50 €
    Short gloves in tricot are very versatile and suitable for many s...
  • Freddy glove

    Freddy glove

    9.90 €
    The horrifying glove of the murderer on Elm Street. And the horri...
  • Camee earrings in Gothic and horror style

    Camee earrings Skeleton Lady

    3.90 €
    Stunning Camee earrings with Skeleton Lady profile picture. These...
  • Camee necklace Skeleton Lady in horror and Gothic style

    Camee necklace Skeleton Lady

    7.90 €
    A gorgeous Camee necklace with a white profil of Skeleton Lady. A...
  • Gothic Black Lace Choker with black beads

    Gothic Lace Choker

    6.90 €
    A beautiful black lace choker with black beads and decorative cha...
  • Gothic ring Charmed

    Gothic ring Charmed

    4.50 €
    A gorgeous ring in colour of antique silver with a purple gemston...
  • Spider web ring

    Spider web ring

    4.50 €
    A dashing cobweb ring with a black gemstone. The size of the ring...

Items 1 to 36 of 136 total

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