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Halloween and horror

In this Halloween and horror category you find horror-themed products like fancy dresses, capes, wigs, accessories, masks, props, weapons, prosthetics, cosmetics, horror make-ups. Horror products for witches, wizards, zombies, vampires, skeletons, devils, grim reapers and gothic people.

Among our face painting tips you find instructions how to paint a stunning horror face (like devil, vampire, werewolf, skeleton, zombie, witch and many others).

Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening, also known as All Hallows’ Eve.
Adults and children of all aged (and even the pets) are dressed up in Halloween-themed and horror-inspired costumes (witches, vampires, Frankenstein, ghosts, skeletons...), but also in fancy dresses of other themes (what ever you want to be!).
Trick-or-treating is a customary celebration for children on Halloween. Children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as candy or sometimes money, with the question: "Trick or treat?"
Nowadays Halloween is celebrated in bars, pubs, night clubs, schools and homes in many ways. Halloween brings some fun and joy, playfulness and whimsy into a long and dark autumn.

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  • White cobweb and 3 spiders for Halloween

    Movie cobweb + 3 spiders

    2.90 €
    White cobweb (50 grams) with three black spiders. Cobweb can be s...
  • Cockroach of plastic for Halloween decoration


    1.00 €
    This disgusting-looking cockroach is suitable, of course, for Hal...
  • Cobweb in three colors with 5 black spiders

    Movie cobweb + 5 spiders

    From 4.90 €
    Spider net (100 grams) in three different colors with five black ...
  • Black widow spider with long legs

    Black widow spider

    16.90 €
    Very big and black spider with long legs! With this creepy black ...
  • Black snakes, 12 pcs

    Black snakes, 12 pcs

    2.50 €
    12 pieces of black snakes as a decoration for Halloween events. O...
  • Giant Black Spider for Halloween

    Giant Spider

    49.90 €
    This black spider is very big and scary. Its total diameter with ...
  • Decorative spiders for Halloween and horror parties

    Neon Spiders, 4 pc

    4.50 €
    Four cute spiders in black and dot pattern. The dots are yellow, ...
  • Spiders, 6 pc

    Spiders, 6 pc

    1.50 €
    Six eight-legged small freaks: 3 spiders glow in the dark and 3 b...
  • Spiders, 12 pc

    Spiders, 12 pc

    3.90 €
    12 eight-legged freaks: black, flexible spiders in plastic. Best ...

    Out of stock

  • White GID Spiders, 42 pc

    White GID Spiders, 42 pc

    3.90 €
    These eight-legged freaks are great in every witch and Halloween ...
  • Black spiders, 50 pc

    Black spiders, 50 pc

    3.90 €
    These eight-legged freaks are great in every witch and Halloween ...
  • Tarantulabag, 60 pc

    Tarantulabag, 60 pc

    4.90 €
    Black little tarantula spiders of plastic. 60 pc in the bag. One ...
  • Beetle bugs, 6 pcs

    Beetle bugs, 6 pcs

    3.50 €
    Black small plastic bugs  which are great in every horror an...
  • Beetle bugs, 60 pcs

    Beetle bugs, 60 pcs

    5.90 €
    Cool, black beetle bugs in plastic. Best friends of all witches a...
  • Cockroach


    0.90 €
    This disgusting-looking cockroach is suitable, of course, for Hal...
  • Cockroaches, 6 pc

    Cockroaches, 6 pc

    4.50 €
    6 cool dark brown cockroaches in plastic. Best friends of all wit...
  • Bug


    From 0.90 €
    Freaky big bugs: a fly, an ant or a grasshopper.The lenght depend...
  • Bugs, 100 pc

    Bugs, 100 pc

    3.90 €
    These bugs are great for Halloween decoration...
  • Midnight bat

    Midnight bat

    16.90 €
    This super cool bloodsucker can be placed hanging from the ceilin...
  • Paper bat

    Paper bat

    3.00 €
    This creepy looking bat with a horrible grin is perfect for any H...
  • Bats, 4 pc

    Bats, 4 pc

    2.90 €
    Four cool looking black bats in plastic. The bat is great in horr...
  • Furry mice, 8 pc

    Furry mice, 8 pc

    5.90 €
    Furry little mice are suitable, of course, for Halloween decorati...
  • Giant rat 1

    Giant rat 1

    29.90 €
    The horrifying, black rat with big, sharp teeth can decorate all ...
  • Giant rat 2

    Giant rat 2

    29.90 €
    This amazing gray rat with big nails, open mouth and sharp teeth ...
  • Little rat

    Little rat

    7.50 €
    A cute ;-) little grey rat - lovely and fluffy. The best friend o...
  • Snake, 1,2 meters

    Snake, 1,2 meters

    7.50 €
    The snake is always a great accessory in horror parties or to sca...
  • Bendable Silver snake, 80 cm

    Bendable Silver snake, 80 cm

    9.90 €
    80 cm long snake in grey-silver-black. The snake is great as a de...

33 Item(s)

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