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A cat, dog, crocodile or perhaps a lion? To this category, we have collected animal fancy dresses, props and other products from other categories in order to facilitate their discovery.

More products you can find by browsing our website. :)

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  • Light Blue Gorilla

    Light Blue Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Cooly ice-blue, hairy ape outfit for the king of a jungle! This g...

    Out of stock

  • Red Gorilla

    Red Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Hairy ape outfit in warm red for the king of a jungle! This gorge...
  • Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Green like a jungle is this cool and hairy ape outfit. Perfect fo...
  • Blue Gorilla

    Blue Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Really hairy, cooly blue ape costume is perfect for the king of a...
  • Doggie – cute dog costume for adults


    From 49.90 €
    This super cute brown dog costume fits nicely for all kinds of pa...
  • Cupcake Costume for dogs

    Cupcake Costume for dogs

    From Special Price 14.94 €

    Regular Price: 24.90 €

    This really cute cherry cupcake costume for a dog includes a tull...
  • Pink Panther

    From 47.90 €
    Super cute panther jumpsuit in pink with a separate headpiece. Th...
  • Bulldog costume

    From 49.90 €
    An ultimate cute bulldog costume for all dog lovers! As we know, ...
  • Guenon – monkey costume for adults

    Guenon costume

    From 49.90 €
    With this ape costume you can rise to a whole new level of being ...
  • Dragon costume

    From 49.90 €
    Cuteness overload! With this ultimately adorable dragon costume y...
  • Karhu-naamiaisasu lapsille

    Bear costume for children

    From 39.90 €
    Children’s costume of the king of the forest! Bear jumpsuit...
  • Inflatable Gorilla Costume

    69.90 €
    This impressive gorilla costume looks really wild. The inflatable...
  • Dalmatialainen-asu


    From 49.90 €
    Wonderful dotted dalmatian costume with white breast. The black-a...
  • Squid Costume

    36.90 €
    Jolly Squid costume in red for adults. With this impressive costu...
  • Black gorilla costume for adults

    Deluxe Gorilla

    139.00 €
    This monkey looks funny and really kind. The black gorilla fancy ...
  • White rabbit costume for adults

    Deluxe Rabbit

    139.00 €
    This wonderfully soft and white rabbit overall fits perfectly for...
  • Inflatable Unicorn Costume

    Inflatable Unicorn Costume

    69.90 €
    Super cute inflatable unicorn costume that takes you to the world...
  • Leopard gloves, 42 cm, lycra

    Leopard gloves, 42 cm, lycra

    7.90 €
    These cool flexible gloves in lycra suit ladies and men as well a...
  • Frog


    Special Price 59.40 €

    Regular Price: 99.00 €

    A cute green/yellow overall for all those who want to croak and m...
  • Froggy costume

    From 49.90 €
    This super jolly green frog costume fits nicely for all kinds of ...
  • Polar Bear

    From 49.90 €
    This cute white polar bear costume fits nicely for all kinds of p...
  • Crocodile

    From 49.90 €
    This wild crocodile costume fits nicely parties and events in the...
  • Penguin

    From 49.90 €
    A funny, black/white penguin overall with orange flipper slippers...
  • Elephant

    From 49.90 €
    This cheery elephant fancy dress is ideal, for example, to a part...
  • Inflatable Shark Costume

    59.90 €
    The scary killer shark costume is perfect for any kind of parties...
  • Dark red crab costume

    Crab Costume for Adults

    From 29.90 €
    A perfect dress for autumn craft parties! This funny costume incl...
  • Merihevonen-naamiaisasu

    Seahorse costume

    From 39.90 €
    Show up at the party dressed up in this impressive seahorse costu...
  • Cock/chicken, yellow

    169.00 €
    A furry yellow cock/chicken costume: an overall, a mask/headgear,...
  • Cock/chicken, white

    169.00 €
    A furry white cock/chicken costume: an overall, a mask/headgear, ...
  • Cockroach Costume

    Cockroach Costume

    76.00 €
    A hilarious fancy dress: a brown hooded tunic with legs on both s...
  • Honey bee costume

    Honey bee costume

    From 44.90 €
    This super lovely costume for bees and wasps leaves no-one cold! ...
  • Chicken costume

    From 49.90 €
    This funny yellow chicken costume fits nicely for all kinds of pa...
  • Miss Ladybird

    From Special Price 19.95 €

    Regular Price: 39.90 €

    A black/red mini dress with ruffle hem, an antenna diadem and cut...
    On Sale
  • Miss Honeybee

    From 39.90 €
    A black/yellow mini dress with ruffle hem, an antenna diadem and ...
  • Parrot costume

    From 49.90 €
    One of the loudest animals in a zoo is now available in a funny c...
  • Duck costume

    From 49.90 €
    "KVAAK KVAAK!" With this funny duck costume, you bring a smile to...

Items 1 to 36 of 199 total

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