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A cat, dog, crocodile or perhaps a lion? To this category, we have collected animal fancy dresses, props and other products from other categories in order to facilitate their discovery.

More products you can find by browsing our website. :)

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  • Cupcake Costume for dogs

    Cupcake Costume for dogs

    From 24.90 €
    This really cute cherry cupcake costume for a dog includes a tull...
  • Mini-Kitten


    From 16.90 €
    A really cute mini-kitten fancy dress for the little ones! The co...
  • Mini-Bee


    From 16.90 €
    Extremely cute mini-bee jump suit for the little ones! :) The cos...
  • Litlle Mermaid

    Litlle Mermaid

    From 34.90 €
    This really cute pastel colored mermaid dress for children! :) Th...
  • Penguin costume for children

    Penguin costume for children

    From 19.90 €
    An adorable penguin costume for children. Jumpsuit’s hood p...
  • Unicorn headband

    Unicorn headband

    8.90 €
    Really cute, white unicorn headband with colorful ears and a gorg...
  • Handbag Honeybee

    Handbag Honeybee

    9.90 €
    Really cute little handbag with shining wings. The bee handbag is...
  • Handbag Ladybird

    Handbag Ladybird

    9.90 €
    A really cute red/black handbag with lace trim. For all ladybirds...
  • Rudolph The Reindeer handbag

    Rudolph The Reindeer handbag

    19.90 €
    "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!"  This is a grea...
  • Puppy Basket handbag

    Puppy Basket handbag

    24.90 €
    A really cute little wooden basket, where peeps out a small furry...
  • Handbag Black Cat

    Handbag Black Cat

    24.90 €
    This very cool handbag looks like a black cat with enchanting yel...
  • Owl


    14.90 €
    A beautiful owl coated with feathers. A wise friend of witch stud...
  • Dog ears diadem, velvet

    Dog ears diadem, velvet

    4.90 €
    Big floppy ears with a diadem, in colour of dark chocolate.The le...
  • Fluffy dog ears diadem

    Fluffy dog ears diadem

    4.90 €
    Cute fluffy dog ears with a diadem. Ears' length about 14 cm. Siz...
  • Cat ears diadem

    Cat ears diadem

    3.90 €
    A cute black cat ears diadem in artificial leather. Great for all...
  • Mouse ear diadem

    Mouse ear diadem

    3.90 €
    A cute mouse ear diadem. Fits to adults and children also.NOTE! T...
  • Mickey Ear diadem

    Mickey Ear diadem

    2.50 €
    Really cute, big black ears to Mickey or Minnie Mouse in a head b...
  • Minnie Ear Diadem

    Minnie Ear Diadem

    3.50 €
    Lovely mouse ear headband, which gives the necessary finishing to...
  • Bunny Ear Diadem

    Bunny Ear Diadem

    4.90 €
    Cute big & soft bunny ears in white and light rose colours fo...
  • Piggy ear diadem

    Piggy ear diadem

    2.50 €
    Hilarious, big piggy ears. Easy to put onto the head.The pig ears...
  • Bear ear diadem

    Bear ear diadem

    4.50 €
    An awesome fluffy bear ear diadem. Suitable for adults ...
  • Wolf ear diadem

    Wolf ear diadem

    4.90 €
    A sweet fluffy wolf ear diadem. Great for wolfs and dogs too (lik...
  • Reindeer horn diadem

    Reindeer horn diadem

    2.90 €
    A cute reindeer horn diadem in chocolate-brown felt surface. Perf...
  • Rudolph the Reindeer's horns

    Rudolph the Reindeer's horns

    4.90 €
    This reindeer rules! These cute and funny little horns are perfec...
  • Deluxe reindeer horns

    Deluxe reindeer horns

    4.90 €
    These toffee-brown reindeer horns, covered with felt, are perfect...
  • Bull horns diadem

    Bull horns diadem

    4.50 €
    A really big bull horns, length ca. 20 cm. The white padded horns...
  • Puppy snout

    Puppy snout

    4.60 €
    Whuff! Do you want to be Buddy, Molly or Snoopy? This puppy ...
  • Cat nose

    Cat nose

    2.50 €
    A cute nose for every cat and the one who wants to be a pussycat!...
  • Cat whiskers

    Cat whiskers

    1.90 €
    Long, delicate whiskers for cats and kittens as well as big cat a...
  • Mouse snout

    Mouse snout

    2.50 €
    A really funny nose for all who want to be a rat or a mouse. Unde...
  • Micky/Minnie nose

    Micky/Minnie nose

    1.90 €
    A cute black mouse nose. Made of foam.The nose has a split on one...
  • Rat snout

    Rat snout

    4.60 €
    A really funny nose for all who want to be a rat or a mouse.Under...
  • Bunny teeth

    Bunny teeth

    0.70 €
    Cute, white bunny teeth for rabbits, bunnies, squirrels, beavers ...
  • Rabbit snout

    Rabbit snout

    2.50 €
    A sweet snout with an elastic band for all cute bunnies and rabbi...
  • Bunny snout

    Bunny snout

    4.40 €
    A light and really cute nose of the sweet bunny. On the snout is ...

    Out of stock

  • Pig snout

    Pig snout

    2.50 €
    A cute rose-coloured pig snout with an elastic band. Pig snout fi...
  • Pork snout

    Pork snout

    4.60 €
    This little piggy has decided to go to the party! The pig nose is...
  • Duck beak

    Duck beak

    2.50 €
    From a thick rubber made of yellow duck beak with a rubber band. ...
  • Wild duck beak

    Wild duck beak

    4.40 €
    Quack! Quack! This large, soft beak fits great for all kinds...
  • Elephant's trunk

    Elephant's trunk

    4.60 €
    Did you know that an elephant's trunk alone can weigh 140 kg? But...
  • Butterfly eyemask

    Butterfly eyemask

    From 3.90 €
    A shiny, delicate eyemask. Butterfly eyemask goes nicely for diff...
  • Pink Leopard Mask

    Pink Leopard Mask

    2.50 €
    A pink eyemask in leopard pattern with an elastic band. Cool for ...
  • Tiger eyemask

    Tiger eyemask

    2.50 €
    An awesome eyemask in tiger pattern, cool for all big and wild ca...
  • Leopard Mask

    Leopard Mask

    2.50 €
    An eyemask in leopard pattern with an elastic band. Cool for all ...
  • Black Cat Mask

    Black Cat Mask

    2.50 €
    A black cat eyemask with an elastic band for attaching. Cool for ...
  • Golden Nose Cat mask

    Golden Nose Cat mask

    From 3.50 €
    A black or white cat mask with a golden nose and whiskers. Attach...
  • Cat mask

    Cat mask

    2.90 €
    A cute, black halfmask with white string whiskers. Made of plasti...
  • Gatto mask

    Gatto mask

    From 8.90 €
    A lovely cat-like halfmask with decorative edges and glitter patt...
  • Animal mask

    Animal mask

    From 2.50 €
    A cute, plastic animal mask for children and also adults.Models: ...
  • Horse mask

    Horse mask

    22.90 €
    A cool horse mask for a wild stallion or a stroppy mare... Looks ...
  • White horse mask

    White horse mask

    22.90 €
    A beautiful, white horse-mask for a handsome stallion or a sweet ...
  • Unicorn mask

    Unicorn mask

    29.90 €
    Sweet, white unicorn mask. With this mask, you are ready for jump...
  • Wolf mask

    Wolf mask

    22.90 €
    A grey, open-mouthed and fanged mask with white hairy accents.The...
  • Werewolf mask

    Werewolf mask

    From 16.90 €
    A stunning creepy face-covering halfmask with fake fur. Werewolf ...
  • Frog mask

    Frog mask

    29.90 €
    A jolly green frog mask which covers the hole head. The mask has ...
  • Piggy mask

    Piggy mask

    2.50 €
    A deliciously piggy halfmask, made of vinyl.Piggy mask fits to ad...
  • Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    From 12.90 €
    A happy-looking piggy mask: choose either a boy or a girl. Pork m...
  • Daisy Cow mask

    Daisy Cow mask

    16.90 €
    A really cute cow mask with big eyes, suitable for adults and chi...
  • Cow mask Rosa

    Cow mask Rosa

    29.90 €
    A really sweet cow mask which covers the hole head. Cow mask Rosa...
  • Gorilla mask

    Gorilla mask

    22.90 €
    A really great mask for the king of the apes... A black mask with...
  • Monkey Mask

    Monkey Mask

    29.00 €
    A cute monkey mask for funmaker of the jungle and for Tarzan's be...
  • King Kong mask

    King Kong mask

    22.90 €
    This black King Kong mask looks quite authentic and is a must for...
  • Lion mask with mane

    Lion mask with mane

    24.90 €
    GRAU!A great choice for the king of savannahs or that sweet, wise...
  • Elephant mask

    Elephant mask

    35.90 €
    A pull-on elephant mask for all Dumbo-wannabes! :)The mask's heig...
  • Sheep/ram hat

    Sheep/ram hat

    9.90 €
    This furry hat is perfect for all sheep, lamb and ram lovers. The...
  • Wolf hat

    Wolf hat

    14.90 €
    This furry hat is perfect for all wolf lovers and of course for Z...
  • Chicken hat

    Chicken hat

    12.90 €
    This hilarious chicken hat makes everybody laugh. Great for a coo...
  • Pink zebra tights

    Pink zebra tights

    7.90 €
    Stunning pantyhose in pink/black zebra skin pattern. One size.Mat...
  • Pink leopard tights

    Pink leopard tights

    7.90 €
    Stunning pantyhose in pink/black leopard skin pattern. One size.M...
  • Honeybee dress-up set

    Honeybee dress-up set

    13.90 €
    An awesome bee dressing up set consisting of yellow&nbs...
  • Leopard dress-up set

    Leopard dress-up set

    9.90 €
    A cool leopard dressing-up set includes an ear diadem, a bow tie ...
  • Pink Leopard dress-up set

    Pink Leopard dress-up set

    9.90 €
    A cool pink leopard dressing-up set includes an ear diadem, a bow...
  • Cat dress-up set 1

    Cat dress-up set 1

    8.90 €
    With this cat set, you can be, in a trice, a sly pussycat! A cute...
  • Black Cat dress-up set

    Black Cat dress-up set

    9.90 €
    A cool dressing-up set for wild cats: an ear diadem, a bow tie an...
  • Tiger dress-up set

    Tiger dress-up set

    8.90 €
    Reborn a sexy and wild tiger with this sweet furry dressing up se...
  • Mouse dress-up set

    Mouse dress-up set

    8.90 €
    A cute dressing up set for a sweet mouse contains an ear diadem, ...
  • Minny / Mickey dress-up set

    Minny / Mickey dress-up set

    8.90 €
    A neat dressing up set for all cute mouses: black ears and nose, ...
  • Piggy set

    Piggy set

    9.90 €
    Piggy dress-up set is perfect for anyone who wants to be a little...
  • Bumblebee baby

    Bumblebee baby

    8.90 €
    A black & yellow bib and a hat with antennae for all the cute...
  • Ladybug baby

    Ladybug baby

    8.90 €
    A red & black bib and a hat with antennae for all the small a...
  • Bunny baby

    Bunny baby

    8.90 €
    A bunny bib and a hat with long ears for a cute little bunny baby...
  • Pink Lily Leopard Girl

    Pink Lily Leopard Girl

    From 29.50 €
    A sweet pink leopard dress with tail and a diadem with cute littl...
  • Lily Leopard Girl

    Lily Leopard Girl

    From 34.50 €
    A sweet leopard dress with tail and a diadem with cute little ear...
  • Tigerlily Tiger Girl

    Tigerlily Tiger Girl

    From 29.50 €
    A sweet tiger dress with tail and a diadem with cute little ears....

Items 1 to 96 of 173 total

  1. 1
  2. 2

Grid  List