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Police, robber or perhaps a surgeon? In this category we have gathered professional's props in order to facilitate their discovery.

Check it out in the weapon category, for example, a gun for a police officer, a knife for a surgeon...

More products you will find by browsing through our website. :)

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  • Chauffeur Hat

    Chauffeur Hat

    7.90 €
    This stylish peaked cap is great till example for taxi drivers an...
  • Captain hat 2

    Captain hat 2

    From 8.90 €
    A classic white captain hat with a black peak and yellow/gold-col...
  • Sailor hat with tuft

    Sailor hat with tuft

    From 3.50 €
    A blue and white sailor hat with a blue tuft. For all those who l...
  • Sea Captain's hat

    Sea Captain's hat

    From 8.90 €
    Ahoy! The ship is loaded with many exciting and interesting thing...
  • French Maid Set

    French Maid Set

    Special Price 64.90 €

    Regular Price: 72.50 €

    Stunning outfit that helps you to create a traditional 19th centu...
    On Sale
  • Penkkari costume

    Penkkari costume

    From 6.90 €
    This jumpsuit is a great choice for those who want to create a un...
  • Army set

    Army set

    Special Price 15.90 €

    Regular Price: 17.90 €

    Really great package offer, which includes all the necessary prop...
    On Sale
  • Guerilla Soldier Boy

    Guerilla Soldier Boy

    From 23.90 €
    A brave guerilla soldier's costume includes trousers, a jacket, a...
  • WW2 Soldier Lady

    WW2 Soldier Lady

    From 38.90 €
    This elegant uniform includes a green army jacket, a knee-length ...
  • Jungle Fighter G.I. Joe

    Jungle Fighter G.I. Joe

    From 39.90 €
    An army costume in camouflage pattern (brown/green/black): a long...
  • Jungle Fighter G.I. Jane

    Jungle Fighter G.I. Jane

    From 29.90 €
    A short jumpsuit in camouflage pattern (brown/green/black), a bel...
  • Marlene


    From 39.90 €
    A sexy costume in black polyester for a cool woman soldier and of...
  • Soldier Lady

    Soldier Lady

    From 33.90 €
    A sexy costume in camouflage pattern for a true army woman: a tig...
  • Soldier helmet

    Soldier helmet

    7.90 €
    A cool soldier helmet in camouflage pattern of brown and  green c...
  • Army Cap

    Army Cap

    6.90 €
    This cool Army cap with camouflage pattern is a must for all sold...
  • Dog Tag

    Dog Tag

    3.50 €
    A military identification tag in metal with a ball chain.Chain le...
  • Bulletproof vest, camouflage

    Bulletproof vest, camouflage

    19.90 €
    Bulletproof vest is a must for every soldier and policeman! Bulle...
  • Dynamite


    3.50 €
    "Dy-Dy-Dy Dynamite!" Here's a great explosion props for all the b...
  • German Soldier

    German Soldier

    From 59.90 €
    A classic grey uniform for a German soldier and officer: a jacket...
  • Fighter pilot Max Aldrin

    Fighter pilot Max Aldrin

    From 36.50 €
    The undisputed ruler of the infinite sky is definitely the fearle...
  • Fighter Pilot

    Fighter Pilot

    From 24.90 €
    A really cool green fighter pilot's jumpsuit for children. Wear t...
  • Fighter Pilot coverall

    Fighter Pilot coverall

    From 29.90 €
    This military green coverall is perfect for anyone who wants to b...
  • Body Bag

    Body Bag

    19.90 €
    Create your own crime scene with this eye-catching black-colored ...
  • Crime Scene Kit

    Crime Scene Kit

    14.90 €
    Functional practical joke than an everyday use or celebrations! C...
  • C.S.I set

    C.S.I set

    Special Price 47.90 €

    Regular Price: 52.70 €

    C.S.I set is a really great package offer, which includes all the...
    On Sale
  • Policeboy Paul

    Policeboy Paul

    From 28.50 €
    Beware all criminals! Here comes Paul the Policeboy.This cool cos...
  • Police costume for children

    Police costume for children

    From 36.90 €
    A stylish dark blue costume for law enforcement and police office...
  • Policegirl Polly

    Policegirl Polly

    From 26.90 €
    Beware all criminals! Here comes Polly the Policegirl.This sweet ...
  • CIA Commando Police

    CIA Commando Police

    From 19.90 €
    This cool costume for little police officers in the S.W.A.T team ...
  • Sheriff girl

    Sheriff girl

    From 29.90 €
    An official-looking beige dress for a sheriff lady. The cool dres...
  • Cassie Policewoman

    Cassie Policewoman

    From 29.90 €
    A cool black costume for a sexy policewoman: a mini dress, a hat ...
  • Sexy Police Lady

    Sexy Police Lady

    From 14.90 €
    A neat blue dress for a policewoman: a top, a mini skirt and a ha...
  • Ms. Parker - English policewoman

    Ms. Parker - English policewoman

    From 36.50 €
    A cool & sexy dress for an awesome British policewoman. The c...
  • Deluxe Police Officer

    Deluxe Police Officer

    From 44.90 €
    A fine dark blue costume for a policeman: a jacket, pants, a hat ...
  • S.W.A.T. Police

    S.W.A.T. Police

    From 36.90 €
    A special police costume with masses of street cred: a dark blue ...
  • Bobby Police helmet for children

    Bobby Police helmet for children

    6.90 €
    A cool black British police helmet for children. A fine silver-co...
  • Police Hat 1

    Police Hat 1

    9.90 €
    This dark blue police hat in cool American style is perfect for p...
  • Police Hat 2

    Police Hat 2

    9.90 €
    This black, British police hat is for both men and women police o...
  • Inspector's hat

    Inspector's hat

    8.50 €
    This stylish dark blue hat is perfect for a police inspector and ...
  • Pennsylvania County Police Hat

    Pennsylvania County Police Hat

    9.90 €
    A stylish marin blue police hat for the very best police officers...
  • Mini Police hat with headband

    Mini Police hat with headband

    5.90 €
    This sleek little police hat in dark blue is perfect for every be...
  • SWAT Cap

    SWAT Cap

    5.90 €
    SWAT baseball cap, which is a standard feature for every special ...
  • FBI Badge

    FBI Badge

    4.50 €
    A gold-coloured badge for cool and secret agents.The badge has a ...
  • Police Badge

    Police Badge

    3.90 €
    A police breast badge, made of silver-coloured metal. The police ...
  • Special Police Badge

    Special Police Badge

    6.90 €
    Stylish, police badge to hang in the neck. Robber's face will sur...
  • Medal of honor

    Medal of honor

    2.90 €
    These medals of honor with a gemstone are perfect for the bravest...
  • FBI armpit holster

    FBI armpit holster

    5.90 €
    A cool black armpit holster with FBI letters for agents and polic...
  • Police baton, black

    Police baton, black

    3.50 €
    A black hollow baton in plastic for police officers.Lenght: ca. 5...
  • Police Badge Purse

    Police Badge Purse

    24.90 €
    This great-looking bag is something what not even the hardest thi...
  • Crime Scene Investigator

    Crime Scene Investigator

    From 17.90 €
    C.S.I. investigators have come to investigate the crime scene and...
  • Prisoner set

    Prisoner set

    Special Price 24.90 €

    Regular Price: 27.30 €

    Really great package offer, which includes all the necessary prop...
    On Sale
  • Prisoner coverall

    Prisoner coverall

    From 26.50 €
    A cool orange costume for all bad boys. Words COUNTY JAIL on the ...
  • Woman Prisoner, orange

    Woman Prisoner, orange

    From 30.00 €
    An awesome costume for all beautiful naughty ladies: a sexy mini ...
  • Commando Hood

    Commando Hood

    4.90 €
    A black commando hood with two holes for eyes and mouth. Commando...
  • Aviator hat

    Aviator hat

    11.90 €
    A supercool black aviator cap with an adjustable chin strap for a...
  • Deluxe Pilot for children

    Deluxe Pilot for children

    From 39.90 €
    A pilot's stylish costume for kids. The suit includes pants and j...
  • Stewardess dress for children

    Stewardess dress for children

    From 19.90 €
    "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. Journey to the fan...
  • Pilot boy Peter

    Pilot boy Peter

    From 19.90 €
    This cool fancy dress for a smart pilot boy includes a white shir...
  • 50's Stewardess

    50's Stewardess

    From 39.90 €
    Stewardess' awesome light blue outfit in 50's style. The fancy dr...
  • Stewardess, blue

    Stewardess, blue

    From 27.90 €
    A sexy blue dress with golden trims for a cute trip leader: a min...
  • Sexy Pilot Lady

    Sexy Pilot Lady

    From 25.50 €
    A sexy black costume with golden trims for all pilot ladies and a...
  • Stewardess hat

    Stewardess hat

    6.90 €
    A cute dark blue air stewardess side cap with a yellow aviator wi...
  • Deluxe Pilot Captain

    Deluxe Pilot Captain

    From 45.90 €
    A cool dark blue costume with golden trims for all handsome pilot...
  • Pilot Captain Hat

    Pilot Captain Hat

    8.90 €
    A stylish navy blue pilot captain hat with a black, glossy visor....
  • Aviator Brooch

    Aviator Brooch

    4.50 €
    A cool wings brooch in colour of gold for a aviator, a pilot and ...
  • Eyeglasses for pilot/welder

    Eyeglasses for pilot/welder

    12.90 €
    Incredibly cool glasses that fit to a pilot,&...
  • Sailor girl Marine

    Sailor girl Marine

    From 19.90 €
    Ahoy! Cast your eyes to port! The land is there!This cute pure-wh...
  • Sailor Girl Miss Blue

    Sailor Girl Miss Blue

    From 27.90 €
    A neat blue-white mini dress, a red scarf and a white sailor hat....
  • Miss Sailor

    Miss Sailor

    From 19.90 €
    A sexy costume for a sailor lady: a mini dress and a silverwhite ...
  • Lady Captain Kassandra

    Lady Captain Kassandra

    From 29.90 €
    This white sassy mini dress with gold-coloured details is perfect...
  • 50's Sailor Girl

    50's Sailor Girl

    From 29.90 €
    A lovely dark blue sailor dress for ladies in the true 50's style...
  • Sailor Lady

    Sailor Lady

    From 29.90 €
    A sexy costume for a sailor lady and captain's sweetheart: a blue...
  • Miss Sailor Serena

    Miss Sailor Serena

    From 26.90 €
    Sailors, ahoy! Miss Sailor Serena has joined to the marine group!...
  • Anchor jewelry set

    Anchor jewelry set

    5.90 €
    This gold-coloured anchor jewelry set is great for all sailor gir...
  • Sailor dress-up set

    Sailor dress-up set

    12.90 €
    A really nice dressing up set: a sailor hat and a collar. This fr...
  • Deluxe Sailor

    Deluxe Sailor

    From 39.90 €
    A cool sailor costume: a dark blue shirt with a white sailor coll...
  • Sea Captain

    Sea Captain

    From 39.90 €
    A classic white costume with golden trims for the handsome captai...
  • Captain's jacket

    Captain's jacket

    From 24.90 €
    A cool classic white jacket with black details and golden trims a...
  • Deluxe Seaman

    Deluxe Seaman

    From 39.90 €
    A classic white costume for all seamen and sailors: a shirt, pant...
  • Deluxe Marine Sailor Hat

    Deluxe Marine Sailor Hat

    5.90 €
    A neat white marine sailor hat with a dark blue trim. For sailors...
  • Sailor hat with anchor

    Sailor hat with anchor

    6.50 €
    Ahoy! Land in sight! This sailor hat, white as a cumulus cloud, i...
  • Marine hat

    Marine hat

    5.50 €
    This white sailor hat with a blue anchor definitely belongs to th...

    Out of stock

  • Captain hat 1

    Captain hat 1

    8.90 €
    A classic white captain hat in fabric. The skipper's cap has a bl...
  • Doctor Greenwood for children

    Doctor Greenwood for children

    From 15.50 €
    Doctor Greenwood, I presume? A cool green surgeon/doctor costume ...
  • Doctor Blackwell's coat for children

    Doctor Blackwell's coat for children

    From 25.50 €
    This pure white, awe doctor coat extends down to the knees on chi...
  • Nurse dress

    Nurse dress

    From 17.90 €
    This pretty white dress suits a nurse very well. The outfit inclu...
  • Sexy Nurse "Hot Fever"

    Sexy Nurse "Hot Fever"

    From 19.90 €
    Nurses white costume: a mini dress with heart, a nurse headgear a...

Items 1 to 96 of 128 total

  1. 1
  2. 2

Grid  List