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Into these categories we have collected the products according to different themes. Festive themes are Halloween, Christmas, May Day (Vappu), Easter, Oktoberfest, Saint Patrick's Day and weddings. Other themes are 20's & Charleston's, 60's & 70's, Professions, Bollywood, Orient, Animals, Hawaii, Indians, cowboys & Wild West, Mexico, Pirates and Clowns & Circus. These products can also be found elsewhere in our website, in their own categories.

See the navigation on the left; it offers direct access to the theme categories.

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  • Korppi-asu hapsusiivillä

    Raven costume

    From 39.90 €
    Raven costume with impressive wings for adults. The Raven jumpsui...
  • Woman Prisoner, orange

    Woman Prisoner, orange

    Special Price 18.00 €

    Regular Price: 30.00 €

    An awesome costume for all beautiful naughty ladies: a sexy mini ...
  • Red Gorilla

    Red Gorilla

    99.00 €
    Hairy ape outfit in warm red for the king of a jungle! This gorge...

    Out of stock

  • Super Deluxe Santa Claus set: costume and props

    Super Deluxe Santa Claus set

    Special Price 139.00 €

    Regular Price: 151.10 €

    This super cool Santa Claus kit includes the main products for de...
    On Sale
  • Penkkari costume

    Penkkari costume

    From 6.90 €
    This jumpsuit is a great choice for those who want to create a un...
  • Deluxe Santa Claus costume

    Deluxe Santa Claus costume

    84.90 €
    A classy costume in red and white for Santa Claus: a coat, pants ...
  • Cockroach Costume

    Cockroach Costume

    76.00 €
    A hilarious fancy dress: a brown hooded tunic with legs on both s...

    Out of stock

  • Mr. Rabbit

    Mr. Rabbit

    69.90 €
    This white rabbit costume is really lovely. The bunny fancy dress...
  • Monk

    From 23.90 €
    A brown monk robe with a rope belt. A hood/shoulder cape is separ...
  • Froggy costume

    From 49.90 €
    This super jolly green frog costume fits nicely for all kinds of ...
  • Wolf

    From 49.90 €
    This jolly wolf costume in light grey fits nicely for all kinds o...
  • Donkey


    From 49.90 €
    This jolly donkey costume in light grey fits nicely for all kinds...
  • Polar Bear

    From 49.90 €
    This cute white polar bear costume fits nicely for all kinds of p...
  • Lion


    From 49.90 €
    This cute brown lion costume is great for example in parties with...
  • Doggie – cute dog costume for adults


    From 49.90 €
    This super cute brown dog costume fits nicely for all kinds of pa...
  • Honey bee costume

    Honey bee costume

    From 44.90 €
    This super lovely costume for bees and wasps leaves no-one cold! ...

    Out of stock

  • Bunny costume

    From 49.90 €
    This funny white rabbit costume fits nicely for all kinds of part...
  • Chicken costume

    From 49.90 €
    This funny yellow chicken costume fits nicely for all kinds of pa...
  • Piggy

    From 49.90 €
    This jolly piggy costume in light red fits nicely for all kinds o...
  • Tiger

    From 49.90 €
    Roaar! This wild striped tiger costume is suitable for jungle and...
  • Horse

    From 49.90 €
    A really great horse suit by which it is easy to "horse" in anima...
  • Fox

    From 49.90 €
    This cheery fox fancy dress is ideal, for example, to a party wit...
  • Bear costume

    From 49.90 €
    This lovely soft teddy bear fancy dress is perfect, for example, ...
  • Cat

    From 49.90 €
    This jolly cat fancy dress is perfect for all cats and great in a...
  • Leo Lion

    From 47.90 €
    A yellowish brown, soft polyester overall with a tail, a plush ch...
  • Pig Porky costume

    From 47.90 €
    A soft polyester coverall with a white chest. The pig costume als...
  • Tigge Tiger

    From 47.90 €
    A jolly striped tiger overall and a headpiece with ears and a tig...
  • Bull

    From 49.90 €
    A bull overall with hilarious bottocks and a bull headpiece with ...
  • Blue Gorilla

    Blue Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Really hairy, cooly blue ape costume is perfect for the king of a...
  • Big Banana Costume

    From 39.90 €
    A bright yellow banana costume for all banana fans. Perfect also ...
  • Parrot costume

    From 49.90 €
    One of the loudest animals in a zoo is now available in a funny c...
  • Second Skin

    Second Skin

    From 29.00 €
    Second skin! This fabulous bodysuit is perfect for any party, sta...
  • Fantasy Unicorn Hoodie

    From 42.90 €
    Super soft unicorn hoodie is an outfit what you don't want to tak...

Items 1 to 36 of 2102 total

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