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Genuine licensed hero costumes  for Steel The man and Super Woman!

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  1. Superman costume 2 for children

    Superman costume 2 for children

    A traditional Superman's costume: a jumpsuit with boot covers, a cape and a belt.

    Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    33.00 €
  2. Superman with muscles, for children

    Superman with muscles, for children

    A "muscular" Superman costume. Includes a jumpsuit, a cape and a belt.

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  3. Supergirl fancy dress for children

    Supergirl costume for children

    A nice, colorful fancy dress for every super girl who wants to save the world and fight against evil!

    The Supergirl costume includes a dress made of elastic fabric, red cape, blue headband, yellow belt and two wristbands.

    Available in three children's size (S, M, L). Measurements are in the Details box below.

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    From 39.90 €
  4. Superman -Dawn of Justice-

    Superman -Dawn of Justice-

    Superman -Dawn of Justice- is a really great costume of the main character in the movie Batman v Superman, that launched in 2016!

    The Superman costume includes a blue overall with fine-looking Superman muscles. The red cape can be attached easily with velcro at the neckline and it swings nicely on the back.

    The size M/L. Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    69.90 €
  5. Superman


    Superhero's traditional bluered costume. Includes a jumpsuit, a cape and a belt.

    Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    From 49.00 €
  6. Supergirl fancy dress

    Supergirl fancy dress

    This action-packed license costume for all supergirls and superwomen includes a mini dress with a cape, a belt and boot covers. When you're wearing this dress, so many wants to be saved by you ;-)

    NOTE! There may be small color changes in the skirt due to its material.

    Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    From 54.90 €
  7. Superman with muscles

    Superman with muscles

    This Superman has been doing some workout and so he has a bit bigger muscles too.

    Sizes S, M and L include a coverall, a cape and a belt.
    Size XL includes pants, a shirt, a cape and a belt.

    Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    From 64.90 €
  8. Second Skin, Superman

    Second Skin, Superman

    Do you dream of that you could be a superhero, who time and again will save the world from destruction? This very fine Superman Second Skin licensed costume is suitable in celebrations with the hero theme or other occasions when Superman is needed to be present. :)

    The overall is made of polyester, but the fabric also has spandex (elastane), so the Superman overall is suitably flexible to fly. ;) The Superman costume has a separate face-hood, so you can use the costume even without the actual "face". The red cape is also separate and is attached with bands around neck for fluttering on the back. ;)

    The fancy dress costume has a zipper at the back, so that you can undress it quickly for example in the toilet. You can see through the hood (face), so you don't need to go blind, and through the fabric, it is possible even to drink.

    Measurements are in the Details-box below.

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    From 59.90 €
  9. Superman wall decoration

    Superman wall decoration

    A great Superman walldecoration where the well-known superhero breaks out of chains fiercely. Below Superman says "Happy Birthday", so this poster is a great way to congratulate the birthday hero. :)

    The height of one wall decoration is about 165 cm and width 85 cm, so that when you put together these two posters, the total size is 165 cm x 170 cm!

    Scene setters are great in children's parties and even in a child's room.

    Scene setters are made of lightweight plastic and they stays on the wall, for instance, with the Sticky Tack or double-sided tape. Decorative posters can also be used outdoors.

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    7.90 €
  10. Supergirl handbag

    Supergirl handbag

    This really neat, soft handbag with a Superman mark is a must for all bat girls and super heroines. Genuine licensed product! This cool Supergirl handbag can hold, for example your cell phone and wallet and all the little things that women usually needs. :-)

    The bag is made of satin-like fabric, 100 % polyester.

    The strategic dimensions: length approx. 25 cm, width approx. 4 cm and height approx. 18 cm (measured to the lower tip).

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    14.90 €
  11. Superman Comic Book Costume for adults

    Superman Comic Book

    A classic costume for Superman comes in cool two dimension print, so this superhero jumpsuit looks just like the Clark Kent's costume in the Superman's original comic book, flown and battled its way off the pages of this famous and likable hero's first Action Comics appearance in June 1938.

    The Superman costume is made of elastic fabric. At the back of the jumpsuit, there is a hoop-and-loop closure. The cape is separate and can be attached to the costume's shoulders with touch fasteners.

    Available in size XL.
    Measurements can be found in the Details field below.

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    From 49.90 €

11 Item(s)

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