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Usual adherence products

In this category, there are various stuff for sports fans to make noise (for example horns and rattles) and even pompoms in different colours. :-)

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  • Party whistles, 6 pcs

    Party whistles, 6 pcs

    2.50 €
    Colourful party blowers "tooty-tooters" are suitable for all sort...
  • Whistles, 4 pcs

    Whistles, 4 pcs

    2.00 €
    Colourful and funny whistles are perfect for many parties, carniv...
  • Finland Air horn

    Finland Air horn

    2.90 €
    That Real Air Horn with a loud noise. Great for all sorts of even...

    Out of stock

  • Pilli erotuomarille tai poliisille

    Referee and police whistle

    3.50 €
    Handy metallic whistle that definitely coronate your outfit, whet...
  • Marakassit sopivat kaikkeen iloitteluun

    Maracas, 2 pcs

    3.90 €
    Colorful maracas for all kinds of fun happenings. Maracas keep a ...
  • Carneval clapper

    Carneval clapper

    2.00 €
    Really loud and colorful carnival cup clappers to the May Day and...

    Out of stock

  • Carneval tambourine with handle

    Carneval tambourine with handle

    5.50 €
    Colorful tambourine for all kinds of fun activities! Perfect for ...
  • Party and carnival horns with fringes

    Two party horns

    2.50 €
    The package includes two colourful carnival horns with fringes. T...
  • Horn


    9.90 €
    A great noise-making tool, which certainly can be heard far! The...
  • Pompom, blue/white/red

    Pompom, blue/white/red

    5.90 €
    A three-colored pompom with fingerloops. Pompom is great for chee...
  • Pompom, black/white

    Pompom, black/white

    4.90 €
    A black/white pompom with fingerloops. Great for many purposes, e...
  • Pompom, two-coloured

    Pompom, two-coloured

    From 5.90 €
    Neat two-coloured pompom with fingerloops. Fresh colour combinati...

13 Item(s)

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