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Unicycles + spare parts

We have lots of unicycles in different prices and for many purposes, like high quality standard bikes for beginners and also special unicycles for professional use. Also spare parts.

The leg length of an unicyclist is the important factor in choosing the right size that fits best.
Take a look at the measure information of our unicycles to choose the most suitable unicycle for you.

NOTE! If you are not sure what size is the most suitable for you, you can always call us and ask for help! Once you have mounted the unicycle, you can no more return it!

Mounting the saddle:
Attach the unicycle saddle so that the right foot pedal comes to the right side and the left foot pedal to the left, in direction of travel. The tyre levers and/or pedals are marked with R (right) and L (left). If the saddle is backwards, the pedals rotate in the reverse direction, and they tend to get loose all the time. Some of the bikes have tyre levers in light metal. Tighten the pedals in place with care, so that the threads won't be damaged.

NOTE! The delivery time of some bicycles is approx. 2-5 days longer than usual, because of the different storage place.

Are you interested in the history of the unicycle? This short video tells about the origin of the unicycle.

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    Bike pump Air Supply

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    Bicycle pump is an essential thing for every cyclist.This small p...

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