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Pois, bottles, clubs, rings, knives, scarves, hula hoops...

A wide range of juggling and circus products. :)

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  • Rola Bola Roll

    Rola Bola Roll

    40.00 €
    The roll for Rola Bola balance bar. Red colored. The roll is...
  • Rola Bola Rolls, 4 pcs

    Rola Bola Rolls, 4 pcs

    24.00 €
    Four piece set of Rola Bola rolls. With the rolls you can pile th...
  • Rola Bola board

    Rola Bola board

    45.00 €
    Wooden Rola Bola balance board. The board weighs about 1.2 kg. Si...
  • Play Perfect Hula Hoop

    Play Perfect Hula Hoop

    From 39.90 €
    Play Perfect Hula Hoop is designed just for those who take their ...
  • Play Kevlar Wick

    Play Kevlar Wick

    From 0.50 €
    Play Kevlar Wick band is suitable for fire juggling tools. When t...
  • Juggle Dream Filled Tube/Sock Poi

    Juggle Dream Filled Tube/Sock Poi

    From 14.90 €
    Two long "socks" which contain a small bag filled with seeds (con...
  • Juggle Dream Infinity Ring

    Juggle Dream Infinity Ring

    15.90 €
    Juggle Dream's really funny Infinity Ring -product is ideally sui...
  • Aerobie 13" Pro Ring

    Aerobie 13" Pro Ring

    From 17.90 €
    Aerobie Pro Rings are one of the world's best flying rings! Suita...
  • Junior Ring 24 cm

    Junior Ring 24 cm

    From 2.50 €
    Junior Ring -juggling rings have soft, r...

29 Item(s)

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