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Awesome yo-yos for beginners and experts. Yo-yos in cool colours and with different kinds of technical details. A fantastic hobby for people of all ages. Start now or give an yo-yo as a present to a friend, child, grandma or uncle. :-)

For yo-yos we have an educational DVD (in English), which contains information about the yo-yo's care and history, as well as a large amount of instructions for juggling with the yo-yo.

The weight table of our yo-yos:

Blaze 100 g
Voodoo 70 g
Butterfly 70 g
X-brain 70 g
Atlas Moth 68 g
Synergy 67 g
TX-10 65 g
Basic Pro 62 g
Viper 55 g
Dragonfly 50 g
Sabre Wing 50 g
Tiger Snake 50 g
Cobra 46 g
Lizard 48 g

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  • Infinity Basic Pro Yo-Yo

    Infinity Basic Pro Yo-Yo

    14.90 €
    Equipped with two bearings in different sizes, the Infinity Basic...
  • Infinity Synergy Yo-Yo

    Infinity Synergy Yo-Yo

    From 34.90 €
    Infinity Synergy Yo-Yo is a fantastic yoyo with bearing. Mad...
  • Astrojax V-Max Combo Set

    Astrojax V-Max Combo Set

    From 15.90 €
    Astrojax is a combination of juggling balls and yo-yos. Astrojax...
  • Duncan Dragonfly Yo-Yo

    Duncan Dragonfly Yo-Yo

    From 19.90 €
    Duncan Dragonfly yo-yo is equipped with a ball-bearing, which is ...
  • Yo-Yo Cobra (AXYS)

    Yo-Yo Cobra (AXYS)

    From 19.00 €
    The Cobra yo-yo has plastic hubs and the slider bearing AXYS whic...
  • Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo

    Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo

    From 14.90 €
    An excellent plastic yo-yo for beginners or more advanced juggler...
  • Yomega Saber Wing Brain Yo-Yo

    Yomega Saber Wing Brain Yo-Yo

    From 19.90 €
    Yomega Saber Wing Brain yo-yo with a centrifugal clutch system al...
  • Henrys Viper Yo-Yo

    Henrys Viper Yo-Yo

    39.90 €
    Viper Yo-Yo is a professional grade yo-yo, equipped with ball bea...
  • Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

    Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

    From 12.90 €
    Duncan Butterfly is a basic yo-yo, particularly suitable for begi...
  • Tiger Snake Yo-Yo (AXYS)

    Tiger Snake Yo-Yo (AXYS)

    From 29.90 €
    Henry's Tiger Snake Yoyo has a plastic Slider-bearing which ...
  • Yomega X-Brain Yo-Yo

    Yomega X-Brain Yo-Yo

    17.90 €
    Yomega X-Brain Yo-Yo is suitable for beginners. The yo-yo feature...

    Out of stock

  • Infinity Atlas Moth Yo-Yo

    Infinity Atlas Moth Yo-Yo

    14.90 €
    Infinity Atlas Moth Yo-Yo is a giant yo-yo with transparent plast...
  • Infinity TX10 Yo-Yo

    Infinity TX10 Yo-Yo

    39.90 €
    Infinity TX10 Yo-Yo is the largest among the metal-bodied In...
  • Infinity Voodoo Yo-Yo

    Infinity Voodoo Yo-Yo

    34.90 €
    The Voodoo yo-yo is the heaviest of the Infinity Pro series. Vood...
  • Yo-Yo Lizard (AXYS)

    Yo-Yo Lizard (AXYS)

    From 12.00 €
    The Lizard yo-yo has plastic hubs with starburst and big bla...

18 Item(s)

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