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Flower and Devil Sticks

A variety of high-quality Devil Sticks and Flower Sticks supplies for all jongling enthusiasts!

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  1. Juggle Dream Picasso Flower Stick Kit

    Juggle Dream Picasso Flower Stick Kit

    Stylish, multi-colored sticks bring joy when making the tricks! Picasso Flower Sticks are hand-painted, made of fiberglass, coated with silicone. The set includes one flower stick and two handling sticks.

    Handling sticks are 12 mm thick, and the length is 40,5 cm.

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  2. Power Flower Stick Kit

    Power Flower Stick Kit

    Stylish, multi-colored sticks bring joy when making the tricks!

    Extremely soft 2 mm thick silicone coating protects the sticks and gives a great grip.

    Handling sticks are 6 mm thick fiber sticks, length of 45 cm.
    The weight of one handling stick is about 80 g.

    Colours: white/orange, white/pink, white/blue, white/black and green/pink. Colours are UV-reactive!

    See also the textbook (in English) for jugglers where you can find the instructions for making tricks.

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  3. Juggle Dream Fire Flower Stick

    Juggle Dream Fire Flower Stick

    Juggle Dream Fire Flower Stick for juggling is made of durable fiberglass with a silicone coating that provides an excellent grip. This Flower Stick is for tricks that require fire juggling skill and precision.

    On the ends of the stick are fireproof rubber flowers and a kevlar coating of 25 mm, which burns up to 5 minutes. Flexible Flower Stick is very suitable also for the knee and kick tricks.

    Weight: approx. 300 g.

    NOTE! Not for children under 18 years, just for the more experienced juggler.

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3 Item(s)

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