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Circus, juggling, unicycles

All sorts of circus props for clowns, magicians, jugglers: yoyos, diabolos, devil sticks, juggling balls, rings, pois, clubs, textbooks, educational DVDs... lots of unicycles.

Juggle Dream juggling products you can now easily buy from us, because we represent them in Finland. Juggle Dream products are favoured by professionals, they are advanced, yet affordable juggling equipment for many types of uses, from beginners to professionals. Read more about the great Juggle Dream juggling product line and see also - jugglers' own video channel; there are lots of cool videos.

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  • Super Slick Diabolo String

    Super Slick Diabolo String

    From 6.50 €
    This diabolo string is of high quality and slick. Supplied in a r...
  • Proline Diabolo String

    Proline Diabolo String

    From 8.90 €
    This diabolo string is slick and of good quality. The string is d...
  • Diabolo Arlequino Small

    Diabolo Arlequino Small

    6.50 €
    Diabolo Arlequino Small is suitable for those who have more exper...
  • Package offer: Little Top diabolo, hand sticks and string

    Juggle Dream Little Top diabolo set

    Special Price 21.90 €

    Regular Price: 24.40 €

    A neat diabolo set for players and jugglers who want some challen...
    On Sale
  • Juggle Dream Jester diabolo set

    Juggle Dream Jester diabolo set

    Special Price 18.90 €

    Regular Price: 22.30 €

    A colorful Jester diabolo set for players, jugglers and even new ...
    On Sale
  • Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo

    From 12.90 €
    Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo is an excellent medium-sized diabolo ...
  • Diabolo Vision Free in different colors

    Diabolo Vision Free

    From 39.90 €
    Vision Free diabolo has a one-way bearing. Because of the special...
  • Diabolo Rubber King

    Diabolo Rubber King

    From 19.50 €
    Rubber King diabolo is made of rubber. It's suitable e.g. as the ...
  • Tornado Diabolo of rubber

    Diabolo Tornado

    From 18.00 €
    Mr. Babache's Tornado diabolo is made of rubber. It's a bit small...
  • Diabolo Finesse

    Diabolo Finesse

    From 26.00 €
    Diabolo Finesse is so called New Age diabolo for professional use...
  • Original Spin Instructional Yo-Yo DVD

    Original Spin Instructional Yo-Yo DVD

    Special Price 4.95 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    Original Spin, Instructional Yo-Yo DVD is perfect for beginners, ...
    On Sale
  • Juggle Dream Bags, Medium

    Juggle Dream Bags, Medium

    From 2.50 €
    Really handy storage bag for juggling goods, such as diabolos, st...

Items 1 to 36 of 195 total

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