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Practical jokes and pranks

Funny practical jokes and jolly tricks, pranks and gags ;-D Fun products and classical gags for a little wilder boys and girls as well as older people and clowns. All kinds of explosive, snappy and water squirting objects as well as toys making fart noises. Suitable even to brighten up the day, or drive your boss crazy. With these you can test who has a sense of humor!

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  • Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    1.90 €
    4 pc bullet holes: 1 big one (7 x 7 cm) and 3 smaller (4,5 x 4,5 ...
  • Runny snot

    Runny snot

    1.70 €
    A really long snot hanging from the nose... what could be even mo...
  • Squirt gum

    Squirt gum

    1.70 €
    Inside the chewing-gum packaging is a tank for water. Fill in wat...
  • Squirting ring

    Squirting ring

    1.70 €
    Put the water squirting ring into your finger so that the water b...
  • Squirting lighter

    Squirting lighter

    1.70 €
    This water squirting joke lighter looks amazingly real. Inside th...
  • Squeaking shoe

    Squeaking shoe

    2.50 €
    This practical joke drives everybody crazy! Attach the squeaking ...
  • Toilet seat squirter

    Toilet seat squirter

    2.50 €
    This hilarious toilet seat squirter washes your private parts bef...
  • Jumping teeth

    Jumping teeth

    2.90 €
    Don't take life so seriously. These wind-up jumping teeth make ev...

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  • Whoopee Cushion, self-inflating

    Whoopee Cushion, self-inflating

    4.90 €
    This self-inflating whoopee cushion farts so funny that you can n...
  • Theater Knife

    Theater Knife

    2.50 €
    Theatre knife is suitable for theatrical presentations, for examp...
  • Axe through head

    Axe through head

    4.50 €
    This "axe through head" diadem in plastic, is light to wear. The ...
  • Syringe through head

    Syringe through head

    2.90 €
    Now the crazy professor has sprayed himself in the head! Maybe he...
  • Fake Bandage

    Fake Bandage

    1.00 €
    With this fake bandage you can create the impression of blood dri...
  • Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    3.50 €
    With Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen you can create texts and pattern...
  • Palmu-juomapullo

    Bouncing Rainbow Putty

    3.90 €
    Funny rainbow putty that can be shaped to a ball and bounce it as...
  • Muovailuvaha purkissa

    Magic Dough Unicorn

    13.90 €
    Lovely, magical modeling clay! You can shape it as you want, real...
  • Palmu-juomapullo

    Funny Slime

    4.50 €
    Really jolly jelly slime in neon colors. The neon-slime is soft, ...
  • Magic nail

    Magic nail

    1.70 €
    The nail is in two parts, both has a sticker. The length of one p...
  • Sticky poop

    Sticky poop

    3.50 €
    This soft, sticky, light brown poop has two flies on it. You can ...
  • Eyeglasses "Giant eyes"

    "Giant eyes" glasses

    2.90 €
    With these hilarious "magnifying" specs your own eyes look really...
  • Jumbo poop

    Jumbo poop

    3.50 €
    This dark brown poop doesn't smell but looks like the real thing....
  • Dirty soap

    Dirty soap

    1.90 €
    This cute little soap looks quite innocent, but the more you wash...
  • Nail through finger

    Nail through finger

    1.20 €
    A bloody bandage with nail parts. You put the finger through the ...
  • Nail through head

    Nail through head

    2.90 €
    This "nail through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The ...
  • Snappy gum

    Snappy gum

    1.70 €
    Don't steal from this gum package! It gives you a snap.Measuremen...
  • Noisy fart putty

    Noisy fart putty

    4.00 €
    A really hilarious slime! When you put a finger in the jar, the p...
  • Fart whistle

    Fart whistle

    1.70 €
    Blow the whistle and it farts. Hilarious :D
  • Whoopee cushion

    Whoopee cushion

    3.50 €
    This is one of the classic practical jokes. Hilarious :-DFirst, y...
  • Jumping fake candies

    Jumping fake candies

    3.50 €
    Inside this candy jar are two springs in red plastic sheath. When...
  • Knife through head

    Knife through head

    2.90 €
    This "knife through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The...
  • Bloody Knife through head

    Bloody Knife through head

    9.90 €
    This "bloody knife through head" diadem in plastic has fakeblod i...
  • Money snatcher

    Money snatcher

    2.50 €
    This is a classic practical joke. All kids have done it :-) You p...
  • WC detonator

    WC detonator

    1.90 €
    The metallic device is placed under the toilet seat. The firing c...
  • Exploding soap

    Exploding soap

    2.50 €
    This is a plastic, white "soap" (not real). Under the soap is a p...
  • Eyeball superball

    Eyeball superball

    1.90 €
    This supeball looks like a real eyeball. And it glows in the dark...
  • Jumping Bandaged Finger

    Jumping Bandaged Finger

    1.90 €
    A bloody finger bandage, which has a spring inside. You put the f...

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