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Practical jokes and pranks

Funny practical jokes and jolly tricks, pranks and gags ;-D Fun products and classical gags for a little wilder boys and girls as well as older people and clowns. All kinds of explosive, snappy and water squirting objects as well as toys making fart noises. Suitable even to brighten up the day, or drive your boss crazy. With these you can test who has a sense of humor!

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  1. Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    4 pc bullet holes: 1 big one (7 x 7 cm) and 3 smaller (4,5 x 4,5 cm).

    You can stick these on a window, mirror, TV etc. Look very realistic!

    Great efect also for movies!

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  2. Runny snot

    Runny snot

    A really long snot hanging from the nose... what could be even more disgusting! Put the other end of this transparent joke snot into your nose and let the snot drop hang freely... into you coffee cup or mayby into the soup plate of your friend ;-D

    Made of plastic.

    The length: ca. 14 cm.

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  3. Squirt gum

    Squirt gum

    Inside the chewing-gum packaging is a tank for water. Fill in water and offer a victim chewing-gum. When she/he is near enough and tries to take a gum out of the pack, squeeze it and it squirts water.

    The size of the packaging is realistic: 7,5 cm x 2 cm x 1,5 cm.

    A funny prank to brighten up your day, especially in hot summer days, but also fits well with a clown's repertoire. Great also in childrens parties.

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  4. Squirting ring

    Squirting ring

    Put the water squirting ring into your finger so that the water bulb is hidden in your hand.  Squeeze the bulb when your victim is near enough and it squirts water out. A classic!

    Because of the small size of the ring, it's easy to take with wherever you go and so you can have a little fun with your buddies.

    A funny prank to brighten up your day, especially in hot summer days, but also fits well with a clown's repertoire.

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  5. Squirting lighter

    Squirting lighter

    This water squirting joke lighter looks amazingly real. Inside the lighter is a tank for water. Fill in water and when a victim asks you for a light, squeeze the lighter and it squirts water. A classic practical joke!

    The length of the lighter: ca. 7,5 cm.

    A funny prank to brighten up your day, especially in hot summer days, but also fits well with a clown's repertoire.

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  6. Squeaking shoe

    Squeaking shoe

    This practical joke drives everybody crazy! Attach the squeaking device under your shoe and walk around.

    The diameter of the device: ca. 3 cm.

    The packaging includes 3 double-sided stickers/tapes for attaching the device under the shoe.

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  7. Toilet seat squirter

    Toilet seat squirter

    This hilarious toilet seat squirter washes your private parts before! Place it on the seat and wait that someone goes to the toilet. Prepare yourself for a scream ;-D

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    2.50 €
  8. Jumping teeth

    Jumping teeth

    Don't take life so seriously. These wind-up jumping teeth make everybody happy in parties and in everyday life. A jolly gift too.

    The size: ca. 5 cm.

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    2.90 €
  9. Spidersoap


    Are you or your friends afraid of spiders? Are you planning a scary Halloween party and need some kind of "fun" horror prank?

    The spider soap is also a practical way of enhancing immune tolerance for those who suffer from aracnofobia. =;-D

    The spider is made of plastic. The soap mass is around the spider so that at the first, you can not see the little bug.
    Eventually, when you use the soap and wash your hands with it under warm water, the soap begins to melt and the spider runs out.

    A funny practical joke that ensures that everyone gets a laugh... sooner or later :)

    The length of the soap is approx. 4.5 cm.

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  10. Whoopee Cushion, self-inflating

    Whoopee Cushion, self-inflating

    This self-inflating whoopee cushion farts so funny that you can not do anything but laugh.

    Make your stiff party much more relaxed ;-)

    Set the whoopee cushion on the bench, chair or sofa, for example, under the seat cushion and wait for "your victim" to come and sit on the cushion. When someone sits on the cushion, it farts really loudly! You don't need to blow the whoopee cushion up again, it fills itself with air.

    The diameter the whoopee cushion is approx. 20 cm.

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    4.90 €
  11. Theater Knife

    Theater Knife

    Theatre knife is suitable for theatrical presentations, for example, is an excellent choice for the scene where Julius Caesar, the famous Roman emperor and dictator, dies: "And you, Brutus?"

    The knife is made of plastic, and the blade enters into the knife, when pressing it against something.

    This cool shock knife is great also for practical jokes ;-)

    The total length: ca. 19 cm.

    The blade:
    - lengt ca. 7,5 cm
    - width ca. 2 cm

    Theatre knife is suitable for various kinds of styles and characters: horror, war, Rambo, Peter Pan, pirates, etc.

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  12. Axe through head

    Axe through head

    This "axe through head" diadem in plastic, is light to wear. The axe is attached to a diadem, so you wear this like a diadem. Supercool!

    The total length of the axe is about 30 cm.

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    4.50 €
  13. Syringe through head

    Syringe through head

    Now the crazy professor has sprayed himself in the head! Maybe he sprayed into the brain some miracle medication that stimulates brain cells.

    Syringe through head is a plastic add-on, where in a diadem is attached an ordinary syringe of 10 ml.

    The diadem is elastic, so it fits to a bit bigger head and also on a wig. The syringe is empty, so you can fill it up with the liquid you like.

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  14. Fake Bandage

    Fake Bandage

    With this fake bandage you can create the impression of blood dripping from a wound on the finger. More effect you can create by adding some fake blood around the plaster.

    Made of plastic. The length of the bandage is about 8 cm and width 2,5 cm.

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  15. Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    With Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen you can create texts and patterns that are visible only under the ultraviolet light! Great, for example, for children’s birthday parties where the kids can search secret texts with the UV-light.

    The pen has three different colors (pink, yellow and blue). The pen's color is completely invisible in daylight, but shines brightly under the UV light.

    NOTE! The pen is not for the skin.

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  16. Palmu-juomapullo

    Bouncing Rainbow Putty

    Funny rainbow putty that can be shaped to a ball and bounce it as much as you want. There are two colors in one jar that can be mixed together. Extremely elastic slime, you can stretch it too. :-)

    Colors vary, wishes can be emailed to

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  17. Muovailuvaha purkissa

    Magic Dough Unicorn

    Lovely, magical modeling clay! You can shape it as you want, really flexible. Bounces if you mold it to a ball.

    Size: 80 grams.

    There are three color options: pink-purple, pink with glitter and metallic pink. Colors vary, wishes can be emailed to

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    13.90 €
  18. Palmu-juomapullo

    Funny Slime

    Really jolly jelly slime in neon colors. The neon-slime is soft, slightly moist. Fun to play with! The slime is in a small plastic jar.

    Size: 130 g.

    Colors vary, wishes can be emailed to

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  19. Magic nail

    Magic nail

    The nail is in two parts, both has a sticker. The length of one part is about 6 cm. The nail is made of plastic.

    You can do many tricks with this magic nail. For example: attach one part to your head, lean on the table and put the other part under the table, so it looks like the nail has been nailed through your head and table.

    The package includes 6 double-sided stickers/tapes for the nail.

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  20. Sticky poop

    Sticky poop

    This soft, sticky, light brown poop has two flies on it. You can also take the flies away. The poop don't smell but it looks like the real thing.

    The diameter: ca. 7,5 cm.

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  21. Jumbo poop

    Jumbo poop

    This dark brown poop doesn't smell but looks like the real thing. Made of hard plastic.

    The diameter: ca. 8 cm.

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  22. Dirty soap

    Dirty soap

    This cute little soap looks quite innocent, but the more you wash your hands with this joke soap the more they get dirty.

    The soap has blue ink inside which makes the hands and water bluish.

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  23. Nail through finger

    Nail through finger

    A bloody bandage with nail parts. You put the finger through the bandage, so it looks like the nail goes through your finger. Freaks out everybody ;-D

    The diameter of the bandage: ca. 3 cm.
    The length of the nail parts together: ca. 7 cm.

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  24. Nail through head

    Nail through head

    This "nail through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The nail parts are attached to a diadem, so you wear this like a diadem. Supercool!

    The total length of the knife: ca. 16 cm.

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  25. Snappy gum

    Snappy gum

    Don't steal from this gum package! It gives you a snap.

    Measurements: ca. 7,5 cm x 2 cm x 1,5 cm.

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  26. Noisy fart putty

    Noisy fart putty

    A really hilarious slime! When you put a finger in the jar, the putty farts! :D

    The colours vary randomly, wishes can be made.

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  27. Fart whistle

    Fart whistle

    Blow the whistle and it farts. Hilarious :D

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  28. Whoopee cushion

    Whoopee cushion

    This is one of the classic practical jokes. Hilarious :-D

    First, you blow air into the cushion (full), then you hide it on the sofa or armchair. When someone sits on it, the cushion makes a flabby fart sound.

    The diameter of the cushion: ca. 20 cm.

    Make your stiff party much more relaxed ;-)

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  29. Jumping fake candies

    Jumping fake candies

    Inside this candy jar are two springs in red plastic sheath. When someone opens the jar these fake candies jump out. When you shake the closed jar, you can hear a sound like there are candy drops inside.

    The height of the jar: ca. 10 cm.

    The diameter of the jar: ca. 3 cm.

    Great gift for those who want to lose weigth but who love candies so much ;-D

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  30. Knife through head

    Knife through head

    This "knife through head" diadem in plastic is light to wear. The knife parts are attached to a diadem, so you wear this like a diadem. Supercool!

    The total length of the knife: ca. 21 cm.

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  31. Bloody Knife through head

    Bloody Knife through head

    This "bloody knife through head" diadem in plastic has fakeblod inside the "blade".

    The knife parts are attached to a diadem, so you wear this like a diadem. Supercool!

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  32. Money snatcher

    Money snatcher

    This is a classic practical joke. All kids have done it :-) You put the money onto the end of the line, and when some tries to take it, you push the button and the money is "vanished" (back to your pocket). If you are quick enought, this joke works always.

    The length of the line: ca. 53 cm.

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  33. WC detonator

    WC detonator

    The metallic device is placed under the toilet seat. The firing cap bangs when someone lifts the seat.

    The size of the device: 3,5 x 1,5 cm.

    Remember order ring firing caps.

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  34. Exploding soap

    Exploding soap

    This is a plastic, white "soap" (not real). Under the soap is a place for a firing cap which bangs when someone lifts the soap. Reusable.

    The size: 7,5 x 4 cm.

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  35. Eyeball superball

    Eyeball superball

    This supeball looks like a real eyeball. And it glows in the dark. Creepy and funny at the same time. ;D With these eye globes you can decorate your Halloween party place, but the eye balls fit nicely into all kinds of spooky events and horror festivities, for example, they kan be in a haunted house, a voodoo dude's home or a horror castle. The bravest can play with these to make others scary. ;)

    Eyeball superball is also suitable as a prop for a little more cruel medical staff. The nurse or surgeon may roll them in the palm or take out from the pocket at appropriate places. ;D

    With two eye balls, you have a staring gaze on the bookshelf!

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  36. Jumping Bandaged Finger

    Jumping Bandaged Finger

    A bloody finger bandage, which has a spring inside. You put the finger inside the bandage, and with help of the spring you get the bandage jump from your finger. Really creepy :-)

    The length of the bandage 8 cm and the diameter 3 cm.

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  37. Eyeglasses "Giant eyes"

    "Giant eyes" glasses

    With these hilarious "magnifying" specs your own eyes look really big (like you were a farsighted person)! "Giant eyes" glasses are great for a mad professor and a clever nerd. ;) These are really bottle-bottom eyeglasses!

    These crazy specs are perfect also for Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney at Hogwarts School. 'Mad as a bucket of snakes’, said Emma Thompson about Sybill's character. ;-D

    The width of the specs is ca. 13,5 cm and the height ca. 5 cm.

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  38. Wrench through head is great for Halloween and zombie walk.

    Wrench through head

    A wrench on a diadem looks like the wrench has gone partially through the head. A perfect "tool" for Halloween, zombie walk and horror parties. This time, the guilty person was probably not the butler; a customer may not have been happy with the work of poor car mechanic. XD

    The wrench and diadem are made of plastic, light to wear!

    The length of the wrench is about 28 cm.

    The wrench is placed on the head with a diadem to which it can be attached. Cover the diadem with your own hair or a hair of a wig.

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