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Boobs and buttocks

A wide range of humorous boobs, tits and buttocks of various types and sizes. These "toys" for adults are perfect as a Little Christmas gift as well as in the hen nights and stag parties etc. :)

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  • Sexy Ice Cube Tray Curvy Ladies

    Sexy Ice Cube Tray Curvy Ladies

    3.50 €
    The Sexy Ice Cube Tray in plastic makes 5 curvy woman shaped ice ...
  • Giant Boob

    Giant Boob

    10.90 €
    Here is a gigantic boob, which certainly doesn’t leave anyo...

    Out of stock

  • Boobie can top

    Boobie can top

    3.50 €
    Boobie can top is a great add for bachelor parties! With this can...
  • "Pin the melons on the babe" game

    "Pin the melons on the babe" game

    9.90 €
    Certainly everyone knows the old familiar game "Pin the tail on t...
  • Inflatable Boobs

    Inflatable Boobs

    4.50 €
    Now you do not have to travel to the neighboring country to acqui...
  • Hit The Bum - game

    Hit The Bum - game

    12.90 €
    As the name says, this game is truly "Hit the  bottoms" game! A j...
  • Boobs whistle

    Boobs whistle

    2.50 €
    A hilarios boobs whistle for bachelor parties, hen nights and oth...
  • Buttocks


    3.50 €
    A big soft ass with an elastic band for attaching. This ass allow...

    Out of stock

  • Bumping Boobs

    Bumping Boobs

    3.50 €
    Wind up Clockwork Boobs, a jolly toy for adults. Wind them up and...
  • Egg Fryer Boobs

    Egg Fryer Boobs

    6.80 €
    A jolly mold for fried eggs when you want to make a very special ...
  • Drag Queen Boobs

    Drag Queen Boobs

    15.90 €
    Soft  boobs with natural feeling for example under bra.Size about...
  • Boobs


    3.50 €
    Big boobs with an elastic band for attaching. Real-looking. Made ...
  • Boobs cushion

    Boobs cushion

    14.90 €
    Extremely soft boobs pillow is a great product when you are trave...

16 Item(s)

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