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Naughty gifts, bachelor parties, hen nights

Lots of funny products for adult's play, hen nights and bachelor parties.

These products are forbidden for persons under 16 years.

Are you looking for costumes for bachelor parties or hen nights? Check out all our fancy dresses for adults: lots of cool costumes for bachelor parties and hen nights. For example funny dresses and animal costumes. Perhaps you are looking for super heroes? Also costumes related to professions are popular in these kind of parties: robbers, police officers, captains, doctors, soldiers, and many others.

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  • Bride to be Tiara and veil

    Bride to be Tiara and veil

    14.90 €
    An awesome tiara in colour of light silver. The tiara has a text ...
  • Drinking helmet

    Drinking helmet

    11.90 €
    Does the drink always spill on your hand? Or are you tired of hol...
  • Rose Jailbird

    14.90 €
    A sexy costume for all cute and naughty girls: a black/rose strip...
  • Handcuffs/fetters


    16.90 €
    Handcuffs/fettercuffs in leather-like material with metal chain. ...
  • Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    12.90 €
    A super cool steely grey ball and chain looks realistic. With thi...
  • Willy apron

    Willy apron

    16.90 €
    Soft apron with a gigantic willy hanging there. The apron is a fu...
  • Drag Queen Boobs

    Drag Queen Boobs

    15.90 €
    Soft  boobs with natural feeling for example under bra.Size about...
  • Hit The Bum - game

    Hit The Bum - game

    12.90 €
    As the name says, this game is truly "Hit the  bottoms" game! A j...
  • Giant Boob

    Giant Boob

    10.90 €
    Here is a gigantic boob, which certainly doesn’t leave anyo...

    Out of stock

  • Boobs cushion

    Boobs cushion

    14.90 €
    Extremely soft boobs pillow is a great product when you are trave...
  • Inflatable Miss Dolly

    Inflatable Miss Dolly

    16.90 €
    A silent woman is a dream of every man. No nagging, no domestic f...
  • Inflatable Mr. David

    Inflatable Mr. David

    16.90 €
    A silent gentleman is a dream of every woman. No dirty socks on a...

13 Item(s)

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