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Naughty gifts, bachelor parties, hen nights

Lots of funny products for adult's play, hen nights and bachelor parties.

These products are forbidden for persons under 16 years.

Are you looking for costumes for bachelor parties or hen nights? Check out all our fancy dresses for adults: lots of cool costumes for bachelor parties and hen nights. For example funny dresses and animal costumes. Perhaps you are looking for super heroes? Also costumes related to professions are popular in these kind of parties: robbers, police officers, captains, doctors, soldiers, and many others.

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  • Little man's long panties

    Little man's long panties

    6.90 €
    Is the usual panties too small for you? These white panties are p...
  • Shot glasses, boobs

    Shot glasses, boobs

    6.90 €
    Four shot glasses that have splendid shapes. Fun props for exampl...
  • Boobs mug

    Boobs mug

    5.50 €
    There are several places where to take a grip on this mug with cu...
  • Willy mug

    Willy mug

    6.90 €
    The handle of this mug gives you a firm grip, we can guarantee th...
  • Kama sutra toilet paper

    Kama sutra toilet paper

    3.50 €
    The Kama sutra toilet paper brings variety to the toilet poems! T...
  • Willy pasta

    Willy pasta

    3.90 €
    Fun and change on the dinner table! Now you can cook a tasty spe...
  • Drinking glass, Male Torso

    Drinking glass, Male Torso

    3.50 €
    Every woman's absolute party maker, drinking glass equipped with ...
  • Willy candies

    Willy candies

    2.20 €
    Funny little willy candies in a small box. The box goes easily in...
  • Willy apron

    Willy apron

    16.90 €
    Soft apron with a gigantic willy hanging there. The apron is a fu...
  • Wild Willie Chastity Cage

    Wild Willie Chastity Cage

    4.90 €
    A hilarious chastity cage in plastic e.g. for a gift to a male fr...
  • Male fitness timer

    Male fitness timer

    8.90 €
    Does your lover stand the test of time? Is he man enough?Great al...
  • Love bell

    Love bell

    6.90 €
    This love bell rings joyfully. Great for a gift and also home gam...
  • Pecker specs

    Pecker specs

    3.90 €
    Wild and jolly glasses for a guy who have the guts. Instead of a ...
  • Jumbo Condom

    Jumbo Condom

    3.50 €
    A superbig (XXXXL) condom. Great present e.g. for the hero of bac...
  • Inflatable Miss Dolly

    Inflatable Miss Dolly

    16.90 €
    A silent woman is a dream of every man. No nagging, no domestic f...
  • Doctor Naughty's stethoscope

    Doctor Naughty's stethoscope

    6.90 €
    This jolly stethoscope is a really important instrument for Docto...
  • Love Muscle Exerciser

    Love Muscle Exerciser

    3.90 €
    Is Little Willie a bit lazy? Need some work-out? With this barbel...
  • Inflatable Mr. David

    Inflatable Mr. David

    16.90 €
    A silent gentleman is a dream of every woman. No dirty socks on a...
  • Sexy man Apron

    Sexy man Apron

    9.90 €
    Funny apron with picture of a men body. Perfect gift for a friend...

31 Item(s)

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