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Bunches, bigtails and hairknots

Wild bunches, pigtail and twintail wigs, hairknots for grandma, wizard teacher, witch...

See also: Guidelines for handling and wearing wigs, tips for hairstyles.

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  • Geisha Wig

    Geisha Wig

    16.90 €
    Black Geisha wig with a beautiful pink lily flower decoration. Th...
  • Black Doll wig with corkscrew curls

    Doll wig

    21.90 €
    Night-black wig with corkscrews and bangs. This beautiful wig wit...
  • Killer Doll wig with long, curly pigtails and black ribbons

    Killer Doll wig

    19.90 €
    This burgundy-red wig with long, curly pigtails is really versati...
  • Frozen Elsa wig

    Frozen Elsa wig

    18.90 €
    Beautiful Frozen Elsa wig for kids who adore this wonderful chara...
  • Harley Quinn wig

    Harley Quinn wig

    17.90 €
    This shameless and sexy gal is well-known! Harley Quinn from the ...
  • Draculaura wig for children

    Draculaura wig for children

    14.90 €
    A real Monster High Draculaura’s wig for children! Black wi...

    Out of stock

  • Heidi - a blonde pigtail wig

    Heidi - a blonde pigtail wig

    14.90 €
    Fluffy pigtails with a fringe. This cool blond wig is perfect for...
  • Giulietta wig

    Giulietta wig

    9.90 €
    A lovely, long wig with a centre parting and waist-length braids....
  • Peppina 1 - orange plait wig

    Peppina 1 - orange plait wig

    16.90 €
    A great orange plait wig for the world's strongest girl and other...
  • Grey granny wig with a bun

    Granny wig

    13.90 €
    A light grey granny wig with a bun in the neck. The bun wig fits ...

13 Item(s)

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