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Half-long and curly wigs

Half-long wigs and curly hair. Wigs with hair that reaches to or a little above the shoulders. There are little wilder curls and even more sophisticated, female hair-waves. Wigs for ladies, divas, sex symbols and wild girls. The same wig can be suitable for different kinds of styles and looks different on different characters.

See also: Guidelines for handling and wearing wigs, tips for hairstyles.

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  • Long-haired Roxy wig in several colors

    Roxy Wig

    From 17.90 €
    Long, eye-catching wig with middle parting and slightly waved hai...
  • Darlene wig

    Darlene wig

    From 15.90 €
    Cher has it, Taylor Swift has it, Adrienne Baillon has it, heck, ...

2 Item(s)

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