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Long and extra long wigs

Beautiful wigs with long, straight or wavy hair. These cool wigs are suitable for many styles for example folklore women and rock men and all between.

See also: Guidelines for handling and wearing wigs, tips for hairstyles.

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  • Amelia / Ozzy / Hippie wig

    Amelia / Ozzy / Hippie wig

    9.90 €
    Long-haired, black wig with middle part. Denna versatile wig is g...
  • Caitlin XTPRO Wig

    Caitlin XTPRO Wig

    From 16.90 €
    Long wigs with bangs. Charming and natural looking. Three lovely ...
  • Roxie Glam Wig

    Roxie Glam Wig

    From 21.90 €
    A fabulous long wig with a bow, made of "hair". In the middle of ...
  • Jackie XTPRO-wig

    Jackie XTPRO-wig

    From 16.90 €
    This gorgeous wig with bangs extends over the shoulders. The wig ...
  • Sarah XTPRO wig

    Sarah XTPRO wig

    From 16.90 €
    A lovely thick, shoulder-length, slightly curly wig with a fringe...
  • Summer wig

    Summer wig

    11.90 €
    A lovely golden-yellow long wig with bangs! Summer wig is suita...
  • Daisy – long wig with flower headband

    Daisy wig

    From 15.90 €
    A long, wavy wig for hippies, flower power girls and medieval lad...
  • Pin Up Girl Wig

    Pin Up Girl Wig

    From 16.90 €
    A delightful wig for the 40s and 50s, completes the look for a pi...
  • Long Siren wig for fantasy characters in red and bluish green

    Siren wig

    From 14.90 €
    A radiant long wig for Ariel the Mermaid and beautiful sirens of ...
  • Stunning Kayla wig, long hair in dark red

    Kayla Dream Line Wig

    24.90 €
    The gorgeous, dark red Kayla wig is perfect for many characters: ...
  • Malika Dream Line Wig

    Malika Dream Line Wig

    29.90 €
    The stunning Malika Dream Line wig in gradient grey shades is rea...
  • Long red wig Alicia of high quality

    Alicia Dream Line Wig

    21.90 €
    Bright red Alicia wig, perfect for Jessica Rabbit and Ariel. The ...
  • Axl Wig

    Axl Wig

    19.90 €
    Perfect wig for the singer of Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose! The cool w...
  • Unicorn wig and flower diadem

    Fantasy Unicorn Wig

    24.90 €
    A lovely turquoise wig goes perfect for a unicorn, a mermaid or a...
  • Long Julia wig with bangs: brown, black or blond

    Julia wig

    From 15.90 €
    Awesome Julia is one of our most popular wigs! A long, straight w...
  • Melissa wig

    Melissa wig

    From 14.90 €
    This modern wig is a perfect addition to anyones wig collection.I...
  • Caitlin XTPRO Wig 2

    Caitlin XTPRO Wig 2

    From 16.90 €
    Long wigs with bangs. Charming wigs in bright colours. Great for ...
  • Brandy XTPRO wig

    Brandy XTPRO wig

    From 16.90 €
    A little over shoulder-length, softly curled wig with a side part...
  • Christelle XTPRO wig

    Christelle XTPRO wig

    19.90 €
    A long, slightly wavy wig with a fringe. Thick, fabulous wig in n...
  • Crudelia wig

    Crudelia wig

    9.90 €
    A steel-grey, long, straight wig with a centre parting. Very cool...
  • Mermaid wig

    Mermaid wig

    21.90 €
    This azure blue wig is made for all the mermaids and sea lovers o...
  • Jessica wig

    Jessica wig

    15.90 €
    This fabulously long and flaming-red wig is perfect for Roger Rab...
  • Morgana Wig

    Morgana Wig

    9.90 €
    A blond, long-haired wig with a middle part. This cool wig is rea...
  • Morticia wig

    Morticia wig

    9.90 €
    A long, black wig with middle and white highlights on both sides ...
  • Katie wig

    Katie wig

    14.90 €
    Make it like Jordan in this fabulous, bling-a-licious tinsel wig!...
  • Ariel wig for mermaids, elves and fairies

    Ariel Wig

    18.90 €
    This lovely hot red wig is made for all the mermaids and sea love...
  • Vampiria wig

    Vampiria wig

    15.90 €
    A long-haired wig – black as a raven – has a cool bang with a typ...
  • Skeletria wig

    Skeletria wig

    15.90 €
    A long, black wig with white stripes. The wig has elegant bangs i...
  • Glamour Diva wig

    Glamour Diva wig

    16.90 €
    This wavy wig in fantastic colour fits, depending on the accessor...
  • Trucker cap with hair

    Trucker cap with hair

    9.90 €
    This yellow trucker cap is a dream hat for every truck driver who...
  • Hippie / Lennon wig

    Hippie / Lennon wig

    From 15.90 €
    A nice and smooth wig with a centre parting. Great for both hippi...
  • Veronica XTPRO wig

    Veronica XTPRO wig

    From 19.90 €
    This fabulous, long wig suits many different styles. Check our ha...
  • Long-haired Roxy wig in several colors

    Roxy Wig

    From 17.90 €
    Long, eye-catching wig with middle parting and slightly waved hai...

33 Item(s)

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