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Horror wigs, devil and she-devil

Cool horror wigs for witches, wizards, devils, she-devils, Gothic people, vampires, Poison Ivy and even for Dracula. Lots of wigs for Halloween and horror events.

See also: Guidelines for handling and wearing wigs, tips for hairstyles.

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  1. Long-haired Lindsay wig of high quality

    Lindsay Dream Line Wig

    The Dream Line wig Lindsay is a gorgeous long wig with a middle parting and light waves. The wig is available in five beautiful colors, and can be heated up to 120 degrees! The wig is also hand-washable.

    The Lindsay wig is perfect for many different styles! For example, a silver-gray wig is perfect for skeletons! The wig is a great product to complement your look, but also suitable for everyday use because of its high quality.

    Within the wig, there is an elastic band attachment which makes it possible to change the circumference  of the wig.

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  2. Long Julia wig with bangs: brown, black or blond

    Julia wig

    Awesome Julia is one of our most popular wigs! A long, straight wig with a fringe is available in brown, black and blond.

    The very versatile Julia wig is great for many different role figures and characters.
    The black Julia fits, for example, Gypsies, Spanish ladies, Native American princesses, Hawaiian beauties, Oriental dancers, pirates, gothic ladies and witches.
    The blonde Julia is suitable, for example, for princesses, Christmas ladies, nurses, German girls, angels, fairies, elves...
    The brown Julia wig is great for many styles, for example, a Hollywood diva and movie star, hippies, police officers, Annie of the Wild West and many others.

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2 Item(s)

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