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Various career and professional costumes for children, boys and girls. What is the child's dream profession? Police, doctor, sailor, pilot, captain, athlete? Certainly not a robber! Well, Dalton Brothers can be found here too!

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  • Policegirl Polly

    Policegirl Polly

    26.90 €
    Beware all criminals! Here comes Polly the Policegirl.This sweet ...
  • Policeboy Paul

    Policeboy Paul

    Special Price 17.10 €

    Regular Price: 28.50 €

    Beware all criminals! Here comes Paul the Policeboy.This cool cos...
  • Stewardess for children

    Stewardess for children

    Special Price 11.94 €

    Regular Price: 19.90 €

    "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. Journey to the fan...
  • Super Plumber costume for ladies

    From 23.90 €
    Sporty and well-known Super Plumber costume for ladies includes a...
  • S.W.A.T. Police

    From 36.90 €
    A special police costume with masses of street cred: a dark blue ...
  • CIA Commando Police

    From 19.90 €
    This cool costume for little police officers in the S.W.A.T team ...
  • Prisoner costume for children

    From 16.90 €
    A cool fancy dress costume for young criminals. The prisoner cost...
  • Fireboy


    26.90 €
    A flame-red costume with yellow/grey accents for the little firem...
  • Fireman costume for children

    From 29.90 €
    This supercool, fire-red fireman costume includes a jacket, pants...
  • Firegirl


    From 28.90 €
    A neat costume for a perky firegirl: a red mini dress with yellow...
  • Doctor Greenwood for children

    From 16.90 €
    Doctor Greenwood, I presume? A cool green surgeon/doctor costume ...
  • Doctor coat for children

    From 26.90 €
    This pure white, awe doctor coat extends down to the knees on chi...
  • Deluxe Pilot for children

    From 39.90 €
    A pilot's stylish costume for kids. The suit includes pants and j...
  • Pilot boy Peter

    Pilot boy Peter

    From 19.90 €
    This cool fancy dress for a smart pilot boy includes a white shir...
  • Sammy Sailorboy for children

    Sammy Sailorboy for children

    29.00 €
    Ship ahoy! A dark blue sailor outfit for brisk little sailors. Th...
  • Little sailor Jasper

    Little sailor Jasper

    From 9.90 €
    Sails up! A cool sailor costume in blue/white colours for all bra...
  • Sailor girl Marine

    Sailor girl Marine

    From 9.90 €
    Ahoy! Cast your eyes to port! The land is there!This cute pure-wh...
  • Sisley Sailor girl for children

    Sisley Sailor girl for children

    29.00 €
    Ship ahoy!A day at sea is even nicer in this cute sailor girl cos...
  • Candi Cheerleader Girl

    Candi Cheerleader Girl

    From 29.90 €
    A super cool cheerleader dress in lovely caramel colors for girls...
  • Fighter Pilot

    From 26.90 €
    A really cool green fighter pilot's jumpsuit for children. Wear t...
  • Fighter pilot Max Aldrin

    From 19.90 €
    The undisputed ruler of the infinite sky is definitely the fearle...
  • Guerilla Soldier Boy

    From 23.90 €
    A brave guerilla soldier's costume includes trousers, a jacket, a...
  • Superbowl for children

    From 39.90 €
    A shirt and knee pants with pads on shoulders and knees. A great ...
  • Brown kid's robe for monk, jedi, jawa

    Monk Simeon

    From 9.90 €
    A darkbrown monk robe with a rope belt for children. The hood is ...

30 Item(s)

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