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Capes and cloaks for adults

Lots of cool capes and cloaks for adults. Capes with collar or hood. In reversible cloaks, there are two capes in one. Also thin cobweb-like capes. Whether you are a witch, vampire, devil, gentleman, noblewoman, king, queen or warrior, here you can find an eye-catching cape or cloak for your purposes. Also Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and Jack the Ripper surely find here a suitable cape. :-)

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  • Tyylikäs satiiniviitta hupulla

    Red satin hooded cape

    21.90 €
    Bright red cape in thin satin for adults. The lovely cape feature...
  • Deluxe velvet hooded cape

    Deluxe velvet hooded cape

    39.90 €
    Beautifully descending hooded velvet cape, which has gorgeous gol...
  • Silver-colored, hooded cape for fairies and elves

    Fairy cape

    39.90 €
    A beautiful silver-colored satin cape with a hood and a thin net ...
  • Hooded cape/cloak in black or white

    Velour cape with hood

    From 26.90 €
    A beautiful hooded velour cape in black or white. Very versatile ...
  • Spiderweb cape

    Spiderweb cape

    19.90 €
    This black cobweb-like shoulder cape is fabulous! It fits all Got...
  • Black cape with collar

    Black cape with collar

    From 16.90 €
    A cool black cape with red or purple collar. This cape is perfect...
  • Death Cloak

    Death Cloak

    39.90 €
    Spooky, extremely stylish cloak in black-and-gray with a big hood...
  • Net cape

    Net cape

    19.90 €
    A long black net cape for horror guys and gothic girls, witches a...
  • Dracula Cape

    Dracula Cape

    15.90 €
    A black cape with a red collar. This versatile cape is suitable f...
  • Black cloak Deluxe

    Black cloak Deluxe

    24.90 €
    A really classy black cape with tippet for gentlemen, ladies, ari...
  • Red/black reversible cape with hood

    Red/black reversible cape with hood

    29.90 €
    This fabulous hooded cape comes with two styles: a black cape wit...
  • Cobweb cape

    Cobweb cape

    25.90 €
    A stunning transparent cape with silver cobweb pattern, a hood an...
  • Grey cloak Deluxe

    Grey cloak Deluxe

    24.90 €
    A really classy grey cape with tippet for gentlemen, ladies, aris...
  • Warrior cloak, brown

    Warrior cloak, brown

    44.90 €
    A supercool warrior cloak, made of dark brown polyester. The furr...
  • Christmas cape and hat

    Christmas cape and hat

    33.00 €
    This awesome warmly red velour cape is suitable for both Christma...
  • Monarch robe Royal

    Monarch robe Royal

    39.90 €
    This fabulous cape is ideal for monarchs, kings and queens, for a...

22 Item(s)

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