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Sporty fancy dresses

A fancy dress costume can also be sporty! You can for example arrange masquerades and costume parties in the sporting theme. Here you can find cool and hilarious costumes, for example, swimsuits, jogging suits, cheerleader's dress, Baywatch lifeguard's swimsuit, Superbowl Hero and boxer's costume.

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  • Strong man

    Strong man

    From 44.90 €
    Great costume for the king of the gym! Also perfect for a traditi...
  • Rantavahdin punainen asukokonaisuus

    Boobs Watch costume for adults

    From 19.90 €
    A lifeguard's traditional costume includes a sleeveless shirt (ta...
  • Tyylikäs nyrkkeilijä-asu aikuisille

    World Boxing Champion

    From 39.90 €
    Do you want to be your own life’s Amin Asikainen or probabl...
  • Wrestling Champ

    Wrestling Champ

    From 36.90 €
    The yellow-red wrestler's costume makes you instantly Hulk Hogan ...
  • Rantavahdin punainen asukokonaisuus

    Brazilian Lifeguard

    From 26.90 €
    This eye-catching red swimsuit is perfect for a lifeguard without...
  • Lady referee dress Peggy Penalty

    Lady referee Peggy Penalty

    From 36.90 €
    A cool mini dress for a sexy referee lady: a black/white striped ...
  • Cheerleader


    From 21.90 €
    A cute cheerleader dress in fresh blue/white/red colours: a top a...
  • Referee shirt

    Referee shirt

    From 10.90 €
    The black and white striped referee shirt with prints of the grey...
  • Superbowl Hero

    From 47.90 €
    A cool costume for a hero of the game: a shirt and knee pants wit...
  • Baywatch Lady

    Baywatch Lady

    From 65.00 €
    A sexy red Baywatch lifeguard costume with yellow trims and Baywa...
  • The shell suit includes a leisure jacket and pants.

    80's man - 80's dude and girl

    From 29.90 €
    This cheerful jogging costume gives you the carefree and sporty l...
  • Tracksuit

    From 34.90 €
    A red/white sweat suit for example to the eighties style and trai...

12 Item(s)

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