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Funny and facetious

Lots of funny fancy dresses for people with great sense of humor. The fancy dress costume can be anything, when you want to dress up fun! Only your imagination sets the limits. :-)

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  • 2nd skin-naamiaisasu juhlaan kuin juhlaan

    2nd Skin costume

    From 29.00 €
    2nd skin! This awesome whole-body costume fits almost to any even...
  • Kuningatar-naamiaisasu

    "The Queen" costume for adults

    From 44.90 €
    This queen's superb fancy dress is suitable even for Queen Elizab...
  • Evil Joker costume for adults

    Evil Joker costume

    From 29.90 €
    The Evil Joker costume is perfect for Halloween and horror partie...
  • Space Alien costume: black-green overalls with a big head/mask

    Space Alien costume

    From 32.90 €
    Eye-catching, cool alien overalls in black with interesting green...
  • Suitmeister Merry Christmas White costume for adults

    Suitmeister Merry Christmas White costume

    From 39.90 €
    This fun suit with a winter and Christmas theme is perfect for an...
  • Tenutubby


    Special Price 59.90 €

    Regular Price: 79.90 €

    A funny, yellow jumpsuit in soft fabric for all kinds of funny ev...
  • Fantasy Unicorn Hoodie

    From 42.90 €
    Super soft unicorn hoodie is an outfit what you don't want to tak...
  • Pink Panther

    From 47.90 €
    Super cute panther jumpsuit in pink with a separate headpiece. Th...
  • St. Patrick's Day costume for adults

    St. Patrick's Day costume

    From 49.90 €
    A cheerful green fancy dress costume that is perfect for St. Patr...
  • Suitmeister Solid Blue

    From 39.90 €
    This cool and elegant blue suit is perfect for a man who is relia...
  • Suitmeister Solid Green

    From 39.90 €
    Cool green suit for a man who walks his own paths in the nature a...
  • Suitmeister Solid Orange

    From 39.90 €
    Sparklingly orange suit for the hero of the social life! Wearing ...
  • Suitmeister Solid Pink

    From 39.90 €
    This lovely suit in pink has the same kind of funny humor as the ...
  • Second Skin, camouflage

    Second Skin, camouflage

    From 49.00 €
    Second skin! This fabulous bodysuit is perfect for any party, sta...
  • Second Skin, X-Ray bodysuit

    Second Skin, X-Ray bodysuit

    From 44.00 €
    Second skin! This fascinating bodysuit is perfect for any party o...
  • Pink baby costume for adults

    Baby dress

    From 29.90 €
    This baby outfit lets you go back to your young childhood. The pi...
  • Powergirl dress for adults


    From 24.50 €
    A quirky mini dress in red, white, green and yellow for a true po...
  • Male stripper's pants Tear Away

    Tear Away stripper pants

    From 20.90 €
    Every man's stripper pants made of thin, shiny, black fabric. ;) ...
  • Lion Tamer

    From 49.90 €
    This costume for a lion tamer is a stylish and fun alternative to...
  • Super Plumber, red

    Super Plumber, red

    From 24.90 €
    This cool plumber outfit in bright colours is very familiar to al...
  • Super Plumber, green

    Super Plumber, green

    From 24.90 €
    This cool plumber outfit in bright colours is very familiar to al...
  • Snowman

    From 49.90 €
    A white snowman costume is great for all the winter and Christmas...
  •  Evil Jester costume with hat for adults

    Evil Jester costume

    From 34.90 €
    A superb black-red joker costume, which includes a shirt, pants, ...
  • XL Clown

    XL Clown

    36.90 €
    A jolly clown costume in bright colours: a shirt, pants and a poi...
  • Mike Wazowski - Monsters, Inc.

    Mike Wazowski - Monsters, Inc.

    From 69.90 €
    Michael "Mike" Wazowski is a well-known and amusing character in ...

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  • Magic Bunny dress

    Magic Bunny dress

    From 29.90 €
    Sim Sala Bim! A really funny looking dress in the form of a magic...

32 Item(s)

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