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National (Mexican, Spanish, German...)

In this category, there are fancy dresses related to nationalities and countries as well as costumes for tavern ladies and inn hosts. Costumes for residents of the Alps, German men and Bavarian women, Mexican and Scottish people. The German clothing is perfect, for example, for the Oktoberfest celebrations, and the Mexican costumes are appropriate to the Wild West atmosphere.

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  • Poncho with fringe for hippies, cowboys and indians

    Poncho, suede

    29.90 €
    This superb poncho has fringes that swing wildly as you walk or d...
  • Native American Indian Poncho with fringe

    Native American Indian Poncho

    29.90 €
    Dark brown poncho with fringed edges for native American indians ...
  • Mini dress with a sequin flag of the Great Britain

    Miss England

    From 29.90 €
    A short blue armless dress decorated with a sequin flag of Great ...
  • Dirndl-mekko alppineidolle :)

    Oktoberfest dress for women

    From 29.90 €
    A lovely dress that perfectly suits to Oktoberfest parties! The d...
  • Lovely Oktoberfest dress for ladies

    Dirndl dress for women

    From 29.90 €
    Lovely dress for every Bavarian girl! Perfect for Oktoberfest par...
  • Heidi - Lovely Bavarian dress for adults

    Heidi dress

    From 29.90 €
    An awesome mini dress for an alpine girl. This lovely costume is ...
  • Oktoberfest trousers, knee-length, for adults

    Oktoberfest trousers, beige

    From 29.90 €
    Cool knee-length trousers in beige for Oktoberfest celebrations a...
  • Dark green knee-length pants for adults

    Gerd the German

    From 26.50 €
    Dark green knee-length pants with decorated attached braces/suspe...
  • Juanita

    From 23.90 €
    A lovely colourful dress for a Mexican lady! The Mexican dress fi...
  • Pedro's Poncho

    29.50 €
    A striped, shortish poncho with fringe, wide model. Great in Mexi...
  • Miguel's Poncho

    29.90 €
    Freshly colorful poncho with white fringed border. Derived from t...
  • Long Dictator robe with Africa theme


    29.90 €
    This despot's cool costume leaves no one indifferent. A long, tun...

15 Item(s)

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