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Animal Costumes

A lot of different animal costumes for adults! Beautiful, soft overalls for cute frogs, the great King Kong and everything in between. Do you want to be a lion, the king of animals who guard his savannas, or a funny pig or a cute leopard girl? Animal-themed costumes are very popular on the Penkkarit day (the last day of school celebration).

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  • Parrot costume

    From 49.90 €
    One of the loudest animals in a zoo is now available in a funny c...
  • Explorer on Ostrich

    59.90 €
    Be your own life’s Doctor Livingstone and jump on the back ...
  • Gorilla Costume

    Gorilla Costume

    129.00 €
    A great gorilla overall, a mask/headgear, hands and feet for the ...
  • Black Gorilla

    Black Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Black ape costume for the true king of the jungle and all the ape...
  • Light Blue Gorilla

    Light Blue Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Cooly ice-blue, hairy ape outfit for the king of a jungle! This g...
  • Red Gorilla

    Red Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Hairy ape outfit in warm red for the king of a jungle! This gorge...
  • Pink Gorilla

    Pink Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Lovely pink ape costume is soft and hairy, perfect for the king o...
  • Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Green like a jungle is this cool and hairy ape outfit. Perfect fo...
  • Blue Gorilla

    Blue Gorilla

    From 99.00 €
    Really hairy, cooly blue ape costume is perfect for the king of a...
  • King Kong gorilla costume

    169.00 €
    A supercool gorilla overall with chest, a mask/headgear, hands an...
  • Shark Jaws costume

    Shark Jaws costume

    49.90 €
    Spine-chilling shark fancy dress, in which the upper body comes o...
  • Sylvester costume for adults

    Sylvester costume for adults

    69.90 €
    Now something bad happens to Tweety Bird! Or at least Sylvester t...
  • Bear

    169.00 €
    An cool furry overall, a mask/headgear, hands and feet for the ha...
  • Frog


    99.00 €
    A cute green/yellow overall for all those who want to croak and m...
  • Cockroach Costume

    Cockroach Costume

    76.00 €
    A hilarious fancy dress: a brown hooded tunic with legs on both s...
  • Mr. Rabbit

    Mr. Rabbit

    69.90 €
    This white rabbit costume is really lovely. The bunny fancy dress...
  • Circus Ape

    169.00 €
    A furry costume with a funny ape face: an overall, a mask/headgea...
  • Circus Elephant

    Circus Elephant

    99.00 €
    When you want to be one of the largest and exotic entertainers of...
  • Deluxe Cat

    Deluxe Cat

    139.00 €
    A wonderful soft black/white overall with a tail and a cat head. ...
  • Soft dog costume St. Bernard dog

    Deluxe Dog

    139.00 €
    A wonderful soft doggy overall with a tail and a dog head. The su...
  • Deluxe Eagle

    129.00 €
    A supercool costume for the bird of the birds: a long brown tunic...
  • Deluxe Lion

    Deluxe Lion

    139.00 €
    A wonderful soft overall with a tail and a lion head. A gigantic ...
  • Deluxe Teddy Bear

    Deluxe Teddy Bear

    139.00 €
    A wonderful soft overall and a bear head. For the sweet king of n...
  • Deluxe Pig

    Deluxe Pig

    139.00 €
    A wonderful pink overall with a pig head. So soft and sweet. A bi...
  • Deluxe Bunny

    159.00 €
    A white lovely bunny overall, a mask/headgear with bunny ears, ha...
  • Deluxe Panda

    Deluxe Panda

    139.00 €
    A wonderful black and white jumpsuit with a panda head. So soft a...
  • Deluxe-Bee


    99.00 €
    This super cute soft honeybee costume is great for Maya the Bee, ...
  • Deluxe-Cow


    99.00 €
    This whimsical black-and-white mascot coverall is great for all s...
  • Deluxe-Tiger


    99.00 €
    This lovely soft mascot costume is great for the dangerous wild b...

Items 73 to 104 of 104 total

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