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Animal Costumes

A lot of different animal costumes for adults! Beautiful, soft overalls for cute frogs, the great King Kong and everything in between. Do you want to be a lion, the king of animals who guard his savannas, or a funny pig or a cute leopard girl? Animal-themed costumes are very popular on the Penkkarit day (the last day of school celebration).

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  1. Korppi-asu hapsusiivillä

    Raven costume

    Raven costume with impressive wings for adults. The Raven jumpsuit costume is black and it has two white eyes and a yellow beak on the hood. Raven costume is great for all kinds of parties and masquerades, even gloomy Halloween and horror events. The Raven costume also goes well as a crow masquerade costume.

    The costume has a zipper on the front, so it's easy to wear on and take off.

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