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Animal masks

Cute and a little scary rubber animal masks. There are native animal species, such as cow, horse, pig and wolf, and also animal representatives from Africa, such as gorilla, elephant and lion. These masks are suitable for the animals of the farm or parties with savannah, jungle and circus themes. The horse and cow masks are great even in the Wild West events.

See also: Tips and guidelines for wearing a mask

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  • Catwoman hood

    Catwoman hood

    4.90 €
    A fabric pull-on hood for the night's long-clawed avenger, tief o...
  • Catwoman mask

    Catwoman mask

    1.50 €
    A half mask for a sharp-clawed pussycat. The mask fits, of course...
  • Gatto mask

    Gatto mask

    From 8.90 €
    A lovely cat-like halfmask with decorative edges and glitter patt...
  • Glitter Bunny mask with long ears

    Rabbit Mask, glitter

    9.90 €
    This black, seductive glitter bunny half mask covers the front of...
  • Rabbit Mask

    Rabbit Mask

    8.90 €
    This black bunny half mask with matte finish covers the front of ...
  • White Dragon mask

    White Dragon mask

    39.90 €
    Impressive white dragon rubber mask! With this stunning dragon ma...
  • Horror Dragon mask of latex covers the entire head.

    Horror Dragon mask

    29.90 €
    Fascinating and impressive dragon mask for a dangerous, mythologi...
  • Black horse mask

    Black horse mask

    29.90 €
    Gorgeous black horse mask for the leader of the pasture! The hors...
  • Chimpanzee mask

    Chimpanzee mask

    22.90 €
    Funny chimpanzee mask for all the happy "jungle clowns". ;) Chim...

    Out of stock

  • Bloody pig mask

    Bloody pig mask

    44.90 €
    Creepy and bloody mask of a pig with meat clever on it's head. Th...
  • Animal mask

    Animal mask

    From 2.50 €
    A cute, plastic animal mask for children and also adults. Seven m...
  • Bat mask

    Bat mask

    4.90 €
    A really nice, sturdy and shiny bat mask for dramatic ladies and ...
  • Unicorn mask

    Unicorn mask

    29.90 €
    Sweet, white unicorn mask. With this mask, you are ready for jump...
  • White horse mask

    White horse mask

    22.90 €
    A beautiful, white horse-mask for a handsome stallion or a sweet ...
  • Horse mask

    Horse mask

    22.90 €
    A cool horse mask for a wild stallion or a stroppy mare... Looks ...
  • Daisy Cow mask

    Daisy Cow mask

    16.90 €
    A really cute cow mask with big eyes, suitable for adults and chi...
  • Cow mask Rosa

    Cow mask Rosa

    29.90 €
    A really sweet cow mask which covers the hole head. Cow mask Rosa...
  • Piggy mask

    Piggy mask

    2.50 €
    A deliciously piggy halfmask, made of vinyl.Piggy mask fits to ad...
  • Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    From 12.90 €
    A happy-looking piggy mask: choose either a boy or a girl. Pork m...
  • King Kong mask

    King Kong mask

    22.90 €
    This black King Kong mask looks quite authentic and is a must for...
  • Monkey Mask

    Monkey Mask

    24.90 €
    A cute monkey mask for funmaker of the jungle and for Tarzan's be...
  • Gorilla mask

    Gorilla mask

    22.90 €
    A really great mask for the king of the apes: a black mask with f...
  • Lion mask with mane

    Lion mask with mane

    24.90 €
    GRAU! This gorgeous lion mask gives you credibility when you bell...
  • Elephant mask

    Elephant mask

    35.90 €
    A pull-on elephant mask for all Dumbo-wannabes! :)The mask's heig...
  • Wolf mask

    Wolf mask

    22.90 €
    A grey, open-mouthed and fanged mask with white hairy accents.The...

25 Item(s)

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