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Fantastic masks are suitable for every kind of parties. From the category you can find for instance horror masks, rubber masks, human face masks and wizard masks with long hair. Among horror masks, there are skulls, demons, horror clowns and other scary faces. Among animal masks can be found monkeys, cows, horses and other sweet or scary animals. Wide selection!

See also: Tips and guidelines for wearing a mask

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  • Skullmask, plastic

    Skullmask, plastic

    1.00 €
    A skull mask, made of plastic. Covers the hole face. The smile is...
  • Pumpkin mask

    Pumpkin mask

    1.50 €
    This pumpkin mask in red and black looks angry. Also great as a w...
  • Demon of Hell devil mask

    Demon of Hell devil mask

    11.90 €
    This metallic shiny devil mask - red as a fire - fits for the mig...
  • Iron Skull mask

    Iron Skull mask

    5.90 €
    This scary skull mask looks like it would have made of iron. Iron...
  • Happy Halloween mask

    Happy Halloween mask

    1.90 €
    This orange pumpkin mask looks happy and fits nicely even childre...

    Out of stock

  • Murderer's bloody hood

    Murderer's bloody hood

    5.90 €
    Really scary!This white hood's awful bloody. All will surely be a...
  • Evil Dead fabric mask

    Evil Dead fabric mask

    3.50 €
    Really horrible-looking horror mask that fits very well for every...
  • Vampire fabric mask

    Vampire fabric mask

    3.50 €
    Really horrible-looking horror mask that fits very well for many ...
  • Hannibal mask

    Hannibal mask

    3.90 €
    This creepy serial killer's mask is well-known from the movie thr...
  • Executioner's hood

    Executioner's hood

    From 7.90 €
    This hood looks very dramatic and scary, because of the black net...
  • Mexican mask

    Mexican mask

    From 4.90 €
    Now you can create a real Mexican free wrestling, by hiding behin...
  • Brain surgeon mask

    Brain surgeon mask

    17.90 €
    A rubbery pull-on mask that covers the entire head. The brain is ...
  • Chucky Mask

    Chucky Mask

    28.00 €
    Do the young troublemakers next door bother you? Wear this horror...
  • Butler mask

    Butler mask

    18.90 €
    A pull-on mask that covers the entire hear. Made of rubber, with ...
  • Twisted skulls mask

    Twisted skulls mask

    16.50 €
    These cruel skull masks with black, long hair and a black topper ...
  • Maniac mask

    Maniac mask

    15.90 €
    A scary black mask with rubber rivets and studs. Maniac mask cove...
  • Notredame mask

    Notredame mask

    17.90 €
    A rubbery mask with dark brown hair covers the whole head. Great ...
  • Red Devil mask

    Red Devil mask

    21.90 €
    A strict-looking devil mask with flame-red hair & beard and w...
  • Orc mask (WoW)

    Orc mask (WoW)

    49.90 €
    This rough-looking Orc license mask is well-known from World Of W...
  • Devil Boss mask with black hair

    Devil Boss mask with black hair

    34.90 €
    This devilish grinning, big red-colored devil mask with horns and...
  • Skull mask

    Skull mask

    9.90 €
    How scary! This skull mask looks horribly real. Its appearance ca...
  • Severed Head mask

    Severed Head mask

    29.90 €
    This terrible bloody mask works so that your head looks like a ne...
  • Zipperface mask

    Zipperface mask

    24.90 €
    This very scary zippermask is suitable for a scary murderer of&nb...
  • Bloody Clown mask

    Bloody Clown mask

    24.90 €
    This bloody clown doesn't make you laugh so much!A fierce-looking...
  • Biohazard - gas mask

    Biohazard - gas mask

    8.90 €
    Here's a real-looking gas mask, which allows to prevent the risk ...
  • Nightmare Clown face mask

    Nightmare Clown face mask

    13.90 €
    This horrible clown face mask covers only the front of the head, ...
  • Horror Zombie mask

    Horror Zombie mask

    19.90 €
    This creepy zombie mask covers the face and the back of the head....
  • Rotten Face mask

    Rotten Face mask

    13.90 €
    This fiery-looking rubber mask with boils is great for a zombie o...
  • Crazy Chuck mask

    Crazy Chuck mask

    13.90 €
    This is certainly Chucky the killer doll's older brother or siste...
  • Freddy mask

    Freddy mask

    11.90 €
    A mask with terrible burns... yes, the mask confusingly remi...

    Out of stock

  • Bullet holes mask

    Bullet holes mask

    1.90 €
    Really handy mask for those who want to change the appearance of ...
  • Wounds mask

    Wounds mask

    1.90 €
    Really handy mask for those who want to change the appearance of ...
  • Braindead mask

    Braindead mask

    18.90 €
    Ferocious-looking horror mask for a zombie or any other horror ch...
  • Screamer mask

    Screamer mask

    2.90 €
    From the Scream movies familiar killer's mask is made of thin pla...
  • Crooked Witch mask

    Crooked Witch mask

    21.90 €
    Wicked-looking horror mask that is great for a witch, warlock, wi...
  • General Death mask

    General Death mask

    24.90 €
    Ferocious-looking horror mask for a soldier zombie or any ot...
  • Zombie-Mummy mask

    Zombie-Mummy mask

    24.90 €
    This fierce-looking horror mask is perfect for every creepy horro...
  • Vampire Zombie mask

    Vampire Zombie mask

    24.90 €
    This really creepy horror mask is great for all wild horror chara...
  • Horror mask

    Horror mask

    From 19.90 €
    A creepy horror mask with a fabric hood. Two mask options: skull ...
  • Werewolf mask

    Werewolf mask

    From 16.90 €
    A stunning creepy face-covering halfmask with fake fur. Werewolf ...
  • Rotten baby mask

    Rotten baby mask

    19.90 €
    Can you see the evil smile on this little face? This black and gr...
  • The Devil mask

    The Devil mask

    22.90 €
    This red horned mask fits perfect for the Devil itself. The Devil...
  • Bloody pig mask

    Bloody pig mask

    44.90 €
    Creepy and bloody mask of a pig with meat clever on it's head. Th...
  • Demon baby mask

    Demon baby mask

    24.90 €
    This pale horror mask is full of bloody wounds. Fits perfectly fo...
  • Green goblin mask

    Green goblin mask

    29.90 €
    Horrific green mask which suit for many different horror and fant...
  • White monster mask

    White monster mask

    29.90 €
    This creepy mask fits for all kind horror creatures like zombies,...
  • Bloody face mask

    Bloody face mask

    19.90 €
    Terrifying bloody face mask fits for different kinds of horror ch...
  • Brainzombi mask

    Brainzombi mask

    22.90 €
    Horrible zombie mask with bloody brains peeking out from skull. T...
  • Vampire Count mask

    Vampire Count mask

    22.90 €
    Superb latex mask for a tough vampire whom no-one wants to make t...
  • Punk's dead mask

    Punk's dead mask

    29.90 €
    What a mean-looking guy! This gloomy mask will make heads turn! G...
  • Catwoman hood

    Catwoman hood

    4.90 €
    A fabric pull-on hood for the night's long-clawed avenger, tief o...
  • Catwoman mask

    Catwoman mask

    1.50 €
    A half mask for a sharp-clawed pussycat. The mask fits, of course...
  • Gatto mask

    Gatto mask

    From 8.90 €
    A lovely cat-like halfmask with decorative edges and glitter patt...
  • Animal mask

    Animal mask

    From 2.50 €
    A cute, plastic animal mask for children and also adults.Models: ...
  • Chimpanzee mask

    Chimpanzee mask

    22.90 €
    Funny chimpanzee mask for all the happy "jungle clowns". ;) Chim...
  • Bat mask

    Bat mask

    4.90 €
    A really nice, sturdy and shiny bat mask for dramatic ladies and ...
  • Horse mask

    Horse mask

    22.90 €
    A cool horse mask for a wild stallion or a stroppy mare... Looks ...
  • White horse mask

    White horse mask

    22.90 €
    A beautiful, white horse-mask for a handsome stallion or a sweet ...
  • Unicorn mask

    Unicorn mask

    29.90 €
    Sweet, white unicorn mask. With this mask, you are ready for jump...
  • Daisy Cow mask

    Daisy Cow mask

    16.90 €
    A really cute cow mask with big eyes, suitable for adults and chi...
  • Cow mask Rosa

    Cow mask Rosa

    29.90 €
    A really sweet cow mask which covers the hole head. Cow mask Rosa...
  • Piggy mask

    Piggy mask

    2.50 €
    A deliciously piggy halfmask, made of vinyl.Piggy mask fits to ad...
  • Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    Mr. and Mrs. Piggy masks

    From 12.90 €
    A happy-looking piggy mask: choose either a boy or a girl. Pork m...
  • Gorilla mask

    Gorilla mask

    22.90 €
    A really great mask for the king of the apes... A black mask with...
  • Monkey Mask

    Monkey Mask

    29.00 €
    A cute monkey mask for funmaker of the jungle and for Tarzan's be...
  • King Kong mask

    King Kong mask

    22.90 €
    This black King Kong mask looks quite authentic and is a must for...
  • Lion mask with mane

    Lion mask with mane

    24.90 €
    GRAU!A great choice for the king of savannahs or that sweet, wise...
  • Elephant mask

    Elephant mask

    35.90 €
    A pull-on elephant mask for all Dumbo-wannabes! :)The mask's heig...
  • Wolf mask

    Wolf mask

    22.90 €
    A grey, open-mouthed and fanged mask with white hairy accents.The...

Items 1 to 96 of 169 total

  1. 1
  2. 2

Grid  List