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Bases, foundations and powders

High qualitative products for creating a perfect base for the makeup. With these products, you can make you makeup last all day. A good base is the foundation for beautiful and durable makeup!

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  • Mehron Skin Prep Pro

    Mehron Skin Prep Pro

    Special Price 8.34 €

    Regular Price: 13.90 €

    Skin Prep Pro pre-makeup skin toner is a liqu...
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  • Grimas Make-Up Powder

    Grimas Make-Up Powder

    From 11.90 €
    Grimas Make-up Powder is a loose, dry, very matt, lightly tinted ...
  • Mehron Celebre Pro HD Professional Palett

    Mehron Celebre Pro HD Professional Palett

    Special Price 131.40 €

    Regular Price: 219.00 €

    Makeup palette of 20 colours, containing the most used Celebre Pr...
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  • Kryolan Fixing Spray for fix make-up

    Kryolan Fixing Spray

    From 12.50 €
    Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application ov...
  •  Kryolan Make-Up Blend for cream foundation

    Kryolan Make-Up Blend

    15.90 €
    Make-up Blend supports application properties of cream foundation...
  •  Kryolan Mixing Medium, liquid for loose pigments

    Kryolan Mixing Medium

    8.90 €
    Mixing Medium is a water-based, film-forming liquid. Mixed with l...
  • Grimas Transparent Powder

    Grimas Transparent Powder

    From 8.80 €
    Grimas Transparent Powder is a loose powder. Powder is used by ma...
  • Mehron TouchUp Anti-Shine Gel

    Mehron TouchUp Anti-Shine Gel

    From Special Price 5.94 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    Mehron TouchUp Anti-Shine Gel prevents skin shine perfectly and c...
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  • Mehron Setting Powder

    Mehron Setting Powder

    From Special Price 5.34 €

    Regular Price: 8.90 €

    This fine setting powder keeps makeup smooth and beautiful. Setti...
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  • Grimas Anti Shine

    Grimas Anti Shine

    9.05 €
    Grimas Anti Shine is an excellent means of providing the skin wit...
  • Mehron ProColoRing Concealer

    Mehron ProColoRing Concealer

    Special Price 11.34 €

    Regular Price: 18.90 €

    Mehron's ProColorRing Concealer is a cream-based&n...

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  • Mehron ProColoRing Neutralizer

    Mehron ProColoRing Neutralizer

    Special Price 11.34 €

    Regular Price: 18.90 €

    With Mehron's ProColorRing Neutralizer you can even out skin tone...
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  • Grimas Camouflage Make-Up

    Grimas Camouflage Make-Up

    From 7.20 €
    Grimas Camouflage Make-up Pure is a highly opaque make-up that is...
  • Grimas Fixing Powder

    Grimas Fixing Powder

    From 7.20 €
    Grimas Fixing Powder is a loose, transparent, water-repellent pow...
  • Grimas Correction Stick

    Grimas Correction Stick

    From 10.30 €
    Grimas Correction Stick Pure is a stick with extreme covering cap...
  • Grimas Crème Make-Up

    Grimas Crème Make-Up

    From 7.20 €
    Grimas Crème Make-up is a make-up that has good covering c...
  • Grimas Foundation Fluid

    Grimas Foundation Fluid

    From 13.95 €
    Grimas Foundation is a liquid matt make-up that can be applied as...
  • Mehron Foundation Greasepaint

    Mehron Foundation Greasepaint

    From Special Price 5.94 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    Mehron Foundation Greasepaint is a lanolin-ba...
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  • Mehron CreamBlend Stick for makeup

    Mehron CreamBlend Stick for makeup

    From Special Price 5.94 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    CreamBlend Stick by Mehron is very easy to use. You can create a ...
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  • Grimas Cake Make-Up

    Grimas Cake Make-Up

    From 13.40 €
    Grimas Cake Make-up is a very matte basic make-up. Cake Make-up i...
  • Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray for make-up setting

    Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray

    13.90 €
    Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for make-up setting....

33 Item(s)

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