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Glitters, body diamonds

A little sparkle in life with these lovely glitter products! Available in both small and large flakes as well as glitter gel and pressed glitter colors. In the category, you will also find glue for glitter, nails and lips. We also have reusable skin diamonds for fabulous makeups and fantasy characters.

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  • Moon Glow Nail Glue

    Moon Glow Nail Glue

    4.90 €
    Moon Glow's gel-like nail polish / nail glue is intended to attac...
  • Moon Glow Glitter Lip Glue

    Moon Glow Glitter Lip Glue

    4.50 €
    Gel-like fixative for attaching glitter to the lips. The odorless...
  • Moon Glow Glitter Fix Gel

    Moon Glow Glitter Fix Gel

    3.90 €
    A truly spectacular product for people using glitters! Glitter Fi...
  • Moon Glow UV Glitter Gel

    Moon Glow UV Glitter Gel

    From 4.90 €
    Create spectacular glitter effects to your face and body with Moo...
  • Mehron GlitterMark Gel

    Mehron GlitterMark Gel

    From Special Price 4.74 €

    Regular Price: 7.90 €

    Mehron Glitter Mark glitter gel is a quick and easy way to create...
    On Sale
  • Moon Glow Peel-Off Glitter Fix Gel

    Moon Glow Peel-Off Glitter Fix Gel

    6.90 €
    Use Moon Glitter Peel Off Fix Gel to affix all types of glitter (...
  •  Moon Glow Neon UV Nail Polish

    Moon Glow Neon UV Nail Polish

    From 5.90 €
    Make your nails glow wonderfully under UV light using a cool Moon...
  • Body Diamonds

    Body Diamonds

    From 6.90 €
    Wonderful body diamonds of Glitter by ElinaK! These awesome skin ...
  • Body diamonds, oval skin rhinestones, 10 pcs

    Body Diamond, 10 pcs

    From 4.50 €
    Re-usable body diamonds are designed for cosmetic use. With these...
  • Glitter palette with 16 colors

    Glitter Palette

    29.90 €
    Wonderful glitter palette with 16 fabulous glitter shades. The ma...
  • Eco Glitter Mix on biohajoavaa glitteriä

    Ruffle Army Eco Glitter Mix

    From 5.50 €
    Stunning, glittering and highly ecological Ruffle Army Cosmetic E...
  • Stunning MikimFX glitter in many shades!

    MiKim FX Magic Dust Glitter

    From 3.50 €
    Delightful 5 ml glitter dust from the MikimFx serie. Perfect for ...
  • Mehron Paradise Glitter

    Mehron Paradise Glitter

    Special Price 3.54 €

    Regular Price: 5.90 €

    Paradise Glitter is a very fine, shimmering powder to create diff...
    On Sale

16 Item(s)

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