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UV active products

In this category you will find the products that shine under the UV light, or which themselves create the UV light. UV active products are great in nightclubs and discos, music festivals and concerts, which are using UV lights. With the UV colours you can draw patterns to your skin or hair, which will glow incredibly cool in the UV light. UV contact lenses, for their part, make your eyes unforgettable and exciting in the light of UV. :-)

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  • UV Neon Hair Gel

    UV Neon Hair Gel

    2.50 €
    With PaintGlow's UV active hair gel, you can create a stunning bl...
  • Upeat vesiliukoiset Split Cake -väriyhdistelmät

    Diamond FX Neon Paint 32 g

    From 8.90 €
    Diamond FX Neon Paint is a water-soluble, UV-active color for spe...
  • Contact lenses, UV-Eclipse

    Contact lenses, UV-Eclipse

    24.90 €
    Black-yellow, balanced contact lenses that glow under the UV ligh...
  • Moon Glow UV Lipgloss

    Moon Glow UV Lipgloss

    From 6.50 €
    Create a stunning glowing lips with Moon Glow UV Lipgloss! Lipglo...
  • Moon Glow UV Eye Liner

    Moon Glow UV Eye Liner

    From 4.90 €
    Highly pigmented colors that shine under UV light! UV Eye Liner c...
  • Moon Glow UV Eye Shadow

    Moon Glow UV Eye Shadow

    From 6.50 €
    With Moon Glow's gorgeous eyeshadows you can create a bright, hot...
  • Moon Glow UV-mascara

    Moon Glow UV-mascara

    From 5.90 €
    Create a glowing, shiny eyes with Moon Glow UV Mascara! It shines...
  • Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen

    3.50 €
    With Moon Glow Invisible Ink Pen you can create texts and pattern...
  • Contact lenses, UV-Pink

    Contact lenses, UV-Pink

    24.90 €
    The pink contact lenses that glow in UV light. Great for example ...

28 Item(s)

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