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Special Makeup and Body Painting

Category includes for instance face paints and clown noses as well as brilliant products for example to make horror effects to skin.

The nails and lashes have fantasy and horror themes. Mustaches and beards have models for different characters...

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  • Grimas Pearl Water Make-Up Palette

    Grimas Pearl Water Make-Up Palette

    From 18.60 €
    6 or 12 colors palette of Grimas Water Make-Up pearl water face p...
  • Grimas Water Make-Up Palette

    Grimas Water Make-Up Palette

    From 18.60 €
    These palettes have 12 water face paint colours in 2.5 ml cups.Gr...
  • Vampyyri-meikkisetti sisältäen kolme eri tuotetta

    Vampire Lady Makeup Set

    Special Price 19.90 €

    Regular Price: 24.70 €

    With this makeup kit, that includes three different Mehron profes...
    On Sale
  • Kryolan Fixing Spray for fix make-up

    Kryolan Fixing Spray

    From 12.50 €
    Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application ov...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Special Plastic

    14.90 €
    F/X Wax is a modeling wax used for the alteration of natural faci...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Old Age Stipple

    13.50 €
    Old Age Stipple is a latex preparation for simulation of aged and...
  • Kryolan Transparent Jelly for sweat effects

    Kryolan Transparent Jelly

    10.50 €
    Transparent Jelly is a transparent, greenish-tinted gel for simul...
  • Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray for make-up setting

    Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray

    13.90 €
    Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for make-up setting....
  • Grimas Blood Paste

    Grimas Blood Paste

    10.85 €
    Grimas Blood Paste is a very thick, dark red paste for creating o...
  • Grimas Filmblood

    Grimas Filmblood

    From 10.05 €
    Grimas Filmblood is used for finishing wounds and can be applied ...
  • Kryolan HD Blood Gel, dark or light

    Kryolan HD Blood Gel

    From 17.90 €
    HD Blood Gel is identical to HD Blood in color. HD Blood Gel is d...
  • Kryolan Hydro Fix Blood, artificial blood paste

    Kryolan Hydro Fix Blood

    From 14.90 €
    Hydro Fix Blood is a washable artificial blood paste in tube. Hyd...
  • Self-adhesive wounds

    Self-adhesive wounds

    From 19.90 €
    Awesome self-adhesive wounds are perfect and easy way to add some...
  • Deluxe Vampire Fangs

    Deluxe Vampire Fangs

    12.90 €
    Stunning Deluxe Vampire fangs that can be shaped to users teeth. ...
  • Scary fangs for a vampire!

    Scarecrow vampire fangs

    From 19.90 €
    Easy to use Scarecrow vampire fangs that last for a life time! On...
  • Full beard, long

    Full beard, long

    From 10.50 €
    Fantastic handmade long full beard! These authentic-looking beard...
  • Beard with mustaches and eyebrows

    Beard with mustaches and eyebrows

    From 11.50 €
    Fantastic handmade beard with mustaches and eyebrows. Suitable fo...
  • Biker mustache set

    Biker mustache set

    From 10.90 €
    Fantastic handmade beard and mustache. Suitable for many differen...
  • Double-sided tape for fixing toupees, wigs, mustaches and beards

    Kryolan Hair Tape

    15.50 €
    Double-sided transparent adhesive tape for toupees, wigs, mustach...
  • Devil mustache, beard and eyebrows

    Devil mustache, beard and eyebrows

    12.40 €
    A black mustache kit including thick eyebrows, thin mustaches and...
  • Theatrical beard

    Theatrical beard

    From 11.50 €
    Short, natural looking beard. Available in three colors: grayish,...

Items 1 to 36 of 42 total

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