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Special Makeup and Body Painting

Category includes for instance face paints and clown noses as well as brilliant products for example to make horror effects to skin.

The nails and lashes have fantasy and horror themes. Mustaches and beards have models for different characters...

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  • Mehron Foam Hydra Sponge

    Mehron Foam Hydra Sponge

    Special Price 2.10 €

    Regular Price: 3.50 €

    Makeup sponge made of foam plastic.  Perfect for especially ...
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  • Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Brush

    Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Brush

    Special Price 4.74 €

    Regular Price: 7.90 €

    Mehron’s Paradise Makeup Prisma brushes are perfect for fac...
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  • Double-sided tape for fixing toupees, wigs, mustaches and beards

    Kryolan Hair Tape

    15.50 €
    Double-sided transparent adhesive tape for toupees, wigs, mustach...
  • Grimas Sable-hair brushes, MS-serie

    Grimas Sable-hair brushes, MS-serie

    From 4.60 €
    Grimas Red Sable-hair Brushes are suitable for applying all types...
  • Mehron Powder Brush

    Mehron Powder Brush

    Special Price 4.74 €

    Regular Price: 7.90 €

    Mehron Powder Brush has really dense bristles...
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  • Mehron Jumbo Powder Brush

    Mehron Jumbo Powder Brush

    Special Price 9.54 €

    Regular Price: 15.90 €

    Mehron Jumbo Powder Brush has really dense br...

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  • Mehron Face Smoothie Sponge

    Mehron Face Smoothie Sponge

    Special Price 7.50 €

    Regular Price: 12.50 €

    Mehron’s stylish, acorn-shaped makeup sponge makes the applying m...
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  • Mehron Face Kabuki Brush

    Mehron Face Kabuki Brush

    Special Price 14.34 €

    Regular Price: 23.90 €

    Mehron's Face Kabuki Brush is made of goat hair giving it extra s...
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  • Grimas Artificial-hair Brush / IMR18, round

    Grimas Artificial-hair Brush / IMR18, round

    11.55 €
    Grimas Artificial-hair mongoose imitation Brush is suitable for a...

35 Item(s)

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