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Kryolan is a German series of professional high-quality products for F/X make-ups and special effects. The Kryolan products have been tested dermatologically and no animal tests have been done. Kryolan's products are used worldwide on television, in movies, theater and photography.

Among our Kryolan products, you will find many different products for special effects and F/X make-ups, such as artificial blood, various F/X waxes and latex products.

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  • Double-sided tape for fixing toupees, wigs, mustaches and beards

    Kryolan Hair Tape

    15.50 €
    Double-sided transparent adhesive tape for toupees, wigs, mustach...
  • Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray for make-up setting

    Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray

    13.90 €
    Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for make-up setting....
  • Kryolan Transparent Jelly for sweat effects

    Kryolan Transparent Jelly

    10.50 €
    Transparent Jelly is a transparent, greenish-tinted gel for simul...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Old Age Stipple

    13.50 €
    Old Age Stipple is a latex preparation for simulation of aged and...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Special Plastic

    14.90 €
    F/X Wax is a modeling wax used for the alteration of natural faci...
  • Kryolan Cine Wax for create small 3D effects

    Kryolan Cine Wax

    From 8.90 €
    Kryolan Cine Wax is a wax for the design of small 3D effects onto...
  • Kryolan Blood Powder

    Kryolan Blood Powder

    From 9.50 €
    Blood Powder allows you to realistically simulate the sudden appe...
  • Kryolan Powder Puff, white, round

    Kryolan Powder Puff

    From 3.50 €
    Double-sided Powder Puff of soft cotton for very delicate applica...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Powder Puff, Premium

    From 8.50 €
    Sewn Premium Powder Puff, made of the finest European Brilliant c...
  • Kryolan Make-up Mixing Spatula

    Kryolan Make-up Mixing Spatula

    6.90 €
    Make-up Mixing Spatula is made from metal. The spatula is ideal f...

    Out of stock

  •  Kryolan Blood Paste IEW, artificial blood

    Kryolan Blood Paste IEW

    From 9.90 €
    Blood Paste IEW is an artificial-blood paste preparation for stat...

    Out of stock

  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Woundfiller

    From 9.90 €
    Woundfiller is a gel-like blood effect product for the creation o...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Icicle Gel

    21.90 €
    Icicle Gel is a thick misty gel with a semi-transparent color. To...
  • Kryolan Tear Stick for creating tears

    Kryolan Tear Stick

    7.90 €
    Tear Stick is a wax stick in a lipstick mechanism, with an effect...
  • Kryolan Fixing Spray for fix make-up

    Kryolan Fixing Spray

    From 12.50 €
    Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application ov...
  • Kryolan Collodion for creating scars and wrinkles

    Kryolan Collodion

    From 9.50 €
    Collodion is a classic product for creation of simulated scars an...
  • Kryolan Supracolor Clown White - face/body paint

    Kryolan Supracolor Clown White

    From 6.90 €
    Supracolor Clown White is a cream make-up preparation that has pr...
  • Bruise Cream for create skin damages

    Kryolan Bruise Cream

    From 14.90 €
    The innovative formula of the Bruise Cream silicone cream fuses w...
  • Kryolan Make-Up Manual

    Kryolan Make-Up Manual

    21.90 €
    The Kryolan Make-up Manual is a specialized book about the essent...
  •  Kryolan Latex Bald Cap of latex

    Kryolan Latex Bald Cap

    From 21.90 €
    Latex Bald cap colored is made by craftsmen with natural latex by...
  • Kryolan Liquid Latex for F/X effects

    Kryolan Liquid Latex

    From 7.50 €
    Clear-colored, vulcanized liquid latex with especially low conten...

Items 1 to 36 of 46 total

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