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Grimas is a small Dutch company that develops and manufactures makeups for professionals, consumers and education institutions. As professionals use a lot of products, and because the children have very sensitive skin, it sets even higher requirements for product compositions.

The colour series in the Grimas make-up go like this:
B = for tanned, so called solarium skin; the most popular is B1 and the second most B4, for men great is also B3. 
G = a bit rosy colour serie, the best for Finnish women, the most popular are G1 or G4.
G1 = real blond women, for very light, so called "rosy" skin. The second most light = G4.
G0 = very pale, like rococo and Gothic skin.
J = the olive serie, the real olive skin (so this not like Blasco olive-beige), because this is for the real olive skin, it looks on a normal skin like an old bruise. The most popular is J1.
W = the stage serie, great on stage, but in normal light makes the skin look piggy red. The most popular is W1.

Other good make-up hints:
507 = an old blood, a bit purpleish dark red. 
1521 = a shock, sudden death, nickname "rotten pus", a really cool horror skin colour. 
LE, DE = Egyptian, latin colours.
OA = Old age, when you want to make your skin look older. A good base for wrinkles. 
PF = Pale flesh, a good horror/old age colour too. Suits also a base colour on stage.
N2 = the official second degree color for dark skin. 
IV5 = a bit bluish, like black circles under the eyes.

The same colour codes go to the following products: Camouflage Make-Up, Cake Make-Up, Creme Make-Up, Correction Stick and Foundation Fluid.

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  • Grimas Mastix Water

    Grimas Mastix Water

    From 5.70 €
    Grimas Mastix Water is a watersoluble skin adhesive for attaching...
  • Grimas Eyelashes 2

    Grimas Eyelashes 2

    From 6.80 €
    Extremely impressive strip eyelashes by Grimas. The false eyelash...
  • Grimas Eyelashes, lower

    Grimas Eyelashes, lower

    From 5.10 €
    Grimas' lovely lower eyelashes are made of real human hair. Two e...
  • Grimas Individual Eyelashes

    Grimas Individual Eyelashes

    From 5.10 €
    When you use individual eyelashes your lashes look fuller and lon...
  • Grimas Eyelashes 3

    Grimas Eyelashes 3

    From 8.35 €
    Grimas' fabulous Fantasy strip eyelashes, in different kinds of c...
  • Grimas Eyelashes 4

    Grimas Eyelashes 4

    From 18.45 €
    Really stunning Grimas Fantasy strip eyelashes in different style...
  • Grimas Eyelash Ribbons

    Grimas Eyelash Ribbons

    From 8.35 €
    Grimas eyelash ribbon, made of real human hair. Cut from the eyel...
  • Grimas Make-Up Powder

    Grimas Make-Up Powder

    From 11.90 €
    Grimas Make-up Powder is a loose, dry, very matt, lightly tinted ...
  • Grimas Transparent Powder

    Grimas Transparent Powder

    From 8.80 €
    Grimas Transparent Powder is a loose powder. Powder is used by ma...
  • Grimas Cake Make-Up

    Grimas Cake Make-Up

    From 13.40 €
    Grimas Cake Make-up is a very matte basic make-up. Cake Make-up i...
  • Grimas Eyelashes 1

    Grimas Eyelashes 1

    From 5.10 €
    Dashing Grimas strip eyelashes which are made of real hair. With ...
  • Grimas Pearl Eyeshadow

    Grimas Pearl Eyeshadow

    From 7.20 €
    Just divine professional eyeshadows. Powderous. Rich color. Can b...
  • Grimas Crème Make-Up Palette

    Grimas Crème Make-Up Palette

    From 43.40 €
    Twelve colors palette of Grimas Creme makeup colors. Palettes are...
  • Grimas tooth enamel

    Grimas tooth enamel

    From 6.15 €
    Grimas tooth enamel is alcohol-based and can be used to color tee...
  • Grimas Artificial Eye

    Grimas Artificial Eye

    From 5.25 €
    The Grimas Artificial Eye is an artificial plastic eye that can b...
  • Grimas Lipsticks Pearl

    Grimas Lipsticks Pearl

    From 10.30 €
    Lovely lipsticks in pearl-shining, a bit dry and long lasting col...
  • Grimas Lipsticks

    Grimas Lipsticks

    From 10.30 €
    Grimas Lipstick is an unperfumed, high colour intensity lipstick ...
  • Grimas Fake Blood

    Grimas Fake Blood

    5.10 €
    Grimas Blood has a light and syrupy texture and a deep red color....

Items 1 to 36 of 66 total

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