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Beauty and special make-up

Prosthetics and make-up products for horror characters. Face and body paints, horror scars...
Nails and eyelashes in fantasy and horror themes as well as for basic and party make-ups. Lots of beautiful eyelashes of Ardell and Grimas.
Mustaches and beards for old and fantasy characters, Santa Claus, wizards etc.

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  • Mehron Fixative “A” sealer

    Mehron Fixative “A” sealer

    From Special Price 4.14 €

    Regular Price: 6.90 €

    Fixative "A" is an exclusive formulation developed by Mehron to s...
    On Sale
  • Mehron 3D Gel for realistic-looking special effects

    Mehron 3D Gel - Gelatine

    From Special Price 5.94 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    The 3-D Gel is used to create realistic-looking three dimensional...
    On Sale
  • Moon Glow Ghost Blood - UV-maali

    Moon Glow Ghost Blood - UV-maali

    3.90 €
    Moon Glow Ghost Blood effect fluid appears on the skin as colorle...
  • Moon Glow Green Slime

    Moon Glow Green Slime

    2.90 €
    With Moon Glow Green Slime you can create different special effec...
  • Zombie set: contact lenses, fake blood and latex

    Contact lens set, Zombie

    19.90 €
    Definitely one of the coolest Halloween products is this zombie m...
  • Contact lens set, Vampire

    Contact lens set, Vampire

    19.90 €
    A super handy vampire make-up set that will turn you instantly to...
  • Grimas Derma Wax

    Grimas Derma Wax

    From 6.10 €
    Grimas Derma Wax is a translucent wax that can be easily shaped a...
  • Kryolan Artex for the creation of 3D skin effects

    Kryolan Artex for 3D skin effects

    34.90 €
    Kryolan Artex is ideal for the creation of 3D skin effects such a...
  • Bruise Cream for create skin damages

    Kryolan Bruise Cream

    From 14.90 €
    The innovative formula of the Bruise Cream silicone cream fuses w...
  • Kryolan Collodion for creating scars and wrinkles

    Kryolan Collodion

    From 9.50 €
    Collodion is a classic product for creation of simulated scars an...
  • Kryolan Collodion Remover

    Kryolan Collodion Remover

    10.90 €
    Collodion Remover is a specific mixture of ethylacetate, rubbing ...
  • Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic for hiding eyebrows

    Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic

    8.90 €
    Eyebrow Plastic is a wax preparation to “block out” t...
  • Kryolan Cake Eye Liner Sealer

    Kryolan Cake Eye Liner Sealer

    10.90 €
    Cake Eye Liner Sealer is an innovative preparation created especi...
  • Kryolan Tear Stick for creating tears

    Kryolan Tear Stick

    7.90 €
    Tear Stick is a wax stick in a lipstick mechanism, with an effect...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Icicle Gel

    21.90 €
    Icicle Gel is a thick misty gel with a semi-transparent color. To...
  • Kryolan Liquid Latex for F/X effects

    Kryolan Liquid Latex

    From 7.50 €
    Clear-colored, vulcanized liquid latex with especially low conten...
  • Kryolan Cine Wax for create small 3D effects

    Kryolan Cine Wax

    From 8.90 €
    Kryolan Cine Wax is a wax for the design of small 3D effects onto...
  • Kryolan Artex -ihomassa

    Kryolan Special Plastic

    14.90 €
    F/X Wax is a modeling wax used for the alteration of natural faci...
  • ARDELL Magnetic Gel Liner - for magnetic false eyelashes

    ARDELL Magnetic Gel Liner

    12.90 €
    A fantastic new product from ARDELL: a black eyeliner and adhesiv...
  • Ardell Magnetic Lash-magneettiripset

    ARDELL Magnetic Lashes

    From 19.90 €
    ARDELL's magnificent Magnetic Lashes are really easy to apply and...
  • Grimas Fake Blood

    Grimas Fake Blood

    5.10 €
    Grimas Blood has a light and syrupy texture and a deep red color....
  • Grimas Blood Capsules, 10 pc

    Grimas Blood Capsules, 10 pc

    9.95 €
    Grimas Blood Capsules are capsules of vegetable origin, that are ...
  • Blood Capsules, 8 pc

    Blood Capsules, 8 pc

    2.50 €
    8 capsules filled with fake blood. Break by biting, so the spit b...
  • Grimas Blood Paste

    Grimas Blood Paste

    10.85 €
    Grimas Blood Paste is a very thick, dark red paste for creating o...

Items 109 to 144 of 506 total

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