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Beauty and special make-up

Prosthetics and make-up products for horror characters. Face and body paints, horror scars...
Nails and eyelashes in fantasy and horror themes as well as for basic and party make-ups. Lots of beautiful eyelashes of Ardell and Grimas.
Mustaches and beards for old and fantasy characters, Santa Claus, wizards etc.

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  • Stiletto nails

    Stiletto nails

    From 2.90 €
    Beautiful Stiletto artificial nails in red or black can be used f...
  • Body strass - Navel sticker

    Body strass - Navel sticker

    From 2.90 €
    Awesome strass stickers around a belly button of a harem woman, a...
  • Black Chaplin mustache with tape attach

    Chaplin mustache

    2.90 €
    This black short mustache is great for the sympathetic vagabond C...

3 Item(s)

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